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Why hot water freezes faster than cold water?

  1. May 9, 2015 #1
    Interesting new study out


    Here is the paper
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    Just to be clear: while the wording of the news article makes it sound like this always occurs, in fact it almost always does not. Special/unusual experimental setups may sometimes enable it to occur.

    See the similar discussions links for past discussions including a semi-scientific test I ran once to see if the phenomena would occur (it did not).
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    There is too much ice cream in the freezer compartment for me to try it straight away, but I was going to put a cup of boiling water and a cup of water at room temperature in there to see which one froze first. I guess, from what you're saying, the cup at room temperature would freeze first, as one would expect?
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    Yes. In one of the links below (if you can't find it I'll look later), is details of a test where I put 3 or 4 coffee cups with equal amounts of water at various temperatures into a freezer, with a temperature logger probe in each. The profiles were nearly exactly as expected.
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    Well, if there is too much ice cream in the freezer, you will just have to sacrifice yourself, like a true scientist, and eat all that ice cream to empty the freezer!
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    We'll help.

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