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Why is zone 1 in liver more prone to ischemic injury?

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    Is it because around central vein, there is only deoxygenated blood from the vein where as in the periphery there is hepatic artery. Also why does eclampsia cause zone 1 necrosis. Thanks :)
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    Zone 1 is the periportal zone. Although a vein, the portal vein supplies about half the liver's oxygenation in the normal situation, but this is reduced in cirrhosis. The hepatic artery normally supplies the other half. Zone 1 is more prone to toxic and viral injury (hepatitis). Zone 3 is normally the least oxygenated of the hepatic zones and the most prone to ischemic injury.



    EDIT: Look up the roles of the portal circulation and of the hepatic central veins.
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    double check here, the portal vein shouldnt have any oxygen you mean nutrients right from the GI.

    to the original question, ecclampsia is a vascular damage, so yeah the logic stands
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    Hepatic portal vein blood does not have as high an oxygen content per unit volume as arterial blood, but it does in fact supply half the oxygen demand of the liver in the normal situation. This is reduced with cirrhosis. Because it transports a large volume of blood, the portal system can normally meet its share of the liver's oxygen requirements. Venous blood is not totally deoxygenated. Did you do any research before you posted? Did you read the link in the post you quoted?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liver see Blood Flow
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