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Why my pdf films turn into HTML when transfer?

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    I am switching computers so I transfer some pdf files from the first computer(Win 8) into a memory stick. Then I transfer from the memory stick to the second computer( Win 7). But all the pdf files become Firefox HTML Documents.

    1) When I copy from the first computer, I open the memory stick to verify the copy is pdf file on the first computer. But, when I plug the memory stick into the second computer, I open the memory stick and it shows they all are Firefox HTML Doc files.

    2) I tried with another memory stick and did the same thing.

    The strange thing is the same pdf file in the memory stick is shown as pdf file when on the first computer, but shown as HTML file on the second computer.

    The files were in form of pdf files originally from the SECOND computer. I transfer to the FIRST computer, then transfer back. That's when all the trouble started.

    I attached one file that show as HTML file, but as you can see, it even show up as pdf file. It is inconvenient to open as HTML as it keep opening the internet.

    Does anyone know how to fix this.


    ps: Reason I transfer to the first computer (Win 8) was because it's a newer computer, but it constantly crashes ( maybe is Win 8). I just want to go back to the older computer that is more stable.

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    Just a quick check: do you have the Acrobat reader installed on your second computer?
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    Yes, it's Adobe XI, I thought of that also.


    I just uninstalled the Adobe XI and re-installed it. Still have the problem.
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    That's it. Fixed. Thanks

    Why did the computer change? It was work before until I put it away two months ago!! I just power down and put it in storage for two months. The W8 newer computer did not work out, I just power the older W7 up and I have all different problems.
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    If you used "windows-easy-transfer" to migrate your data from one computer to another it could have also transferred the file-association settings of the new W8 computer to the old W7 computer.
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    But the W8 computer open as pdf files as default also. Everything was a smooth transition from the W7 to W8 two months ago. It seems that 2 month of unused of the W7 computer created all the problems.

    I think I need a new computer, the W8 one is not reliable at all. The W7 one is like 3 years old already. Problem is W8 has so much problems, I am hoping the W9 will come out soon as I have two unreliable computers.

    I definitely not going to buy a new battery for the old one, the battery worth more than the computer!!!
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    Rather than buying W9 , it would be cheaper if you had your W7 or W8 computer set-up by a knowledgeable person, analogous to having ones car serviced by a garage.

    As a backup operating-system you could use a free Linux operating system on a "live CD/DVD/USB",
    so if the Windows systems become unusable you can still use those computers, via the live-CD, even if the computer's hard-drive is faulty.

    The official batteries made by the computer-manufacturer are expensive , but there much cheaper copies available (via Amazon) which are OK, ( I've been using one for the past year which is less than 1/5th the price of the official battery ).
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