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Homework Help: Why rubber should be used for plane wheels?

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    hi, i am doing a level physics in the uk(first year of the 2), we are doing this big coursework on the materials, where each member of the class is supposed to choose a material and make a big report on it, with plan, report, predictions, and in the end we have to have a microsoft presentation. and the project needs to be like a question, i mean the title needs to be like a question:

    Why is Gold so expensive?
    Why rubber should be used for plane wheels?

    and things like that, all i need is a good material to start with and then i can get going myself, i didn't know what to do, so that's why i am asking people here, i am sure there are clever people who have already done this type of alevel project before and the marking is out of 40. has someone done it before? please help,
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    Hi John

    We don't do coursework at my school in the a-level, so I've never had to think about this before. I'll think about it overnight and post back any ideas tomorrow.

    When you say "predictions" - does that mean you need to involve some form of practical work? Or can this be just a research report?

    Last question - in case it helps me find out what they're after - what exam board / syllabus are you following?
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    Just a suggestion:
    If you frame your question as:

    "What is "substance" used for?"
    you'll find an amazing use for just about any substance you can think of.
    Take "arsenic" as an example.
    You can't go wrong on such a question.
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    I have never had to do this sort of project for my A-levels. However, I think you should choose a material that you like rather than find something that really fits into everything. After all, you will be working with it for quite some time. Have a look at the periodic table for inspiration. Maybe you can even consider choosing some of the more obscure materials just to be different, like some of the radiactive isotopes at the bottom of the table.

    Based on the examples you gave, it seems you might also need to take into account psychological and economical (this one is important) reason, not only the physical reasons why such a thing is useful.
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    someone suggested to me using metamaterials, but what are people's views. come on someone must have done it here, it's been going on for many years i think, that's what the teacher says, atleast. and the marks are out of 40
    32 is A. it would be really great if someone could help me here, see the thing is in my GCSEs i worked really hard, some nights i didn't even sleep, but right after exams, we got sent early(holidays) and got 3 months instead of 6 weeks. so i got very lazy. but i really appreciate the help people give each other. thanks a lot, bye
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    John, like I said I don't really know much about this and if you could tell me a bit more about what's required (or even which exam board and spec) i might be able to help

    Alternatively try the student room - they're nearly all A-level students there so chances are someone else will be doing the same thing.

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    here it is

    hi rsk, thanks a lot for your reply, the exam board i am sure is OCR

    but i am not sure this is the right one, but it looks like the right one, the specification:

    http://www.ocr.org.uk/Data/publications/teacher_support_and_coursework_guidance/cquartetOCRTempFileCg7Fb5DKLi.pdf [Broken]

    thanks if you can help me, it's physics B (advancing Physics), i have two projects in physics, one on materials, and one of a home-made sensor, but this is the materials one. please help me, i don't have a lot time left before school starts, bye
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    I did this project. We were allowed to do a presentation as either a poster, oral or website. The question was interpreted pretty loosely. I think mine was something like 'What are the applications of plain carbon steels?', some guy did glass, another buckyballs etc. You could pretty much choose anything.
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    thanks a lot

    thankyou for your replies, and thanks for helping me rsk, bye
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    hey ppl, this is the last day before we have to confirm our projects, so could someone just tell me what they would do if they were in my position? just like quick sentence, the name of the materials, with a good aim-like question which will be used as a topic, thanks a lot, people, bye
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    Sorry for letting this drop - I assumed you'd find ideas on that other thread.

    I like the sound of the bullet proof glass one- you could look into what they do to it to make it bullet proof and how that changes its structure to make it stronger without losing its transparency

    Glass is a funny one because its molecular structure is like that of a liquid - it's random and disorganised.

    Just had a quick look and found this - a new material which will make bullet proof glass thinner http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/FutureTech/story?id=1245087&page=1

    Also, if you go for more general properties of glass ...

    What makes glass transparent http://science.howstuffworks.com/question404.htm

    I'm sure you'd find loads of info.
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