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B Why technology & science progress slow / slower than sci-fi?

  1. Oct 31, 2016 #1
    In science fiction (sci-fi), everything seems to be much more 'cool' / cooler than in reality.

    Space travel (like Interstellar), teleport / teleportation, time travel / time machine, going to another planet / another dimensions / another universes, cell regeneration even to the point of Immortality, artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) in a much more cool / cooler ways than in reality, flying cars, artificial evolution like in mutants / mutation creations that create 'cool' characters / evolution, etc etc.

    While here in reality, technology & science progress slow.
    Sure, to be fair, I do understand that compared to even one hundred years ago, our technology & science have indeed progress exponentially / multiply.
    But yet, to be very honest, they are still pale compared to science-fiction (sci-fi) world & technology science.
    Science fictions (sci fi) is still much more cool / cooler than science in reality.

    So why is technology & science progress slowly in reality?

    Is it because of politics? Money? or Human's stupidity?
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    Yes. Too much of it goes into sci-fi instead of actual science, hence the imbalance.
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    Because you really have to do it! It only takes 10 seconds to make something up and write it down, but there's no limit to how long it might take to achieve in reality, even if it is possible.
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    OK, this thread has reached the point of diminishing returns... Time to close.

    As always, if you have something substantive to add that hasn't already been said in the thread, PM a mentor to ask that the thread be reopened.
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