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Will ferromagnetic dust retain magnetism in molten aluminum?

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    Curie temperature for magnetite is 858 C, for iron 1043 C. Duralumin melting point is about 630 C. Does this mean that if I take a small silicone mold, place a magnet underneath it, add ferromagnetic powder to the mold and then pour molten aluminum in, I will get the aluminum detail with permanent magnetic field ?

    P.S. Aluminum will probably burn in magnetite, but what about pure iron ?
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    The powder could stick to the ground.
    Where do you get magnetized iron powder from?
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    They use silicone molds for metal casting, some of the powder might stick, but I'm curios if it will spread over liquid metal as it does in ferromagnetic fluids. I only had home-made magnetite powder so far, made with file, hammer and a DIY ball-mill. I was thinking that industrial waste steel powder will do the trick if placed next to a magnet in the glass container.
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    The Curie temp for iron is 1043 °K, or about 770 °C; for magnetite it's 858 °K (585 °C)


    The M.P. for aluminum is 660 °C. You've got to pay attention to the correct temperature scale here.
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    Are you trying to create an aluminum sculpture of a magnetic field?
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