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Admissions Will high grades in Organic Chemistry make up for bad grade

  1. Jul 1, 2016 #1
    I got a D in Gen Chem 1 and a D+ in Gen Chem 2. Mostly because of missing homeworks and I was taking 5 classes at the same time. But when I restudied both of them, and took Organic Chemistry, I managed to get A- in both Orgo 1 and 2. How will graduate school see this? And also, if I were to transfer from one college to another (I'm an undergraduate), how will they see this? I'm saying in general for all colleges. How will they look at it, with bad grades in General Chemistry, but good grades in Organic Chemistry, regardless if you are a transfer student or a graduate student? Do I have to retake General Chemistry 1 and 2 again:nb)?
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    You need credible evidence (like what shows on course transcripts) that you can continue beyond Organic Chemistry 1&2. Verification that your General Chemistry as prerequisite has been fulfilled will be necesary for Analytical/Quantitative, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry courses. Having grade of D in General Chemistry will definitely not qualify you for these other undergraduate courses.
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