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Will my undergrad school know this? (or even when I apply for grad school?)

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    I am a senior in high school and I am taking a college class at a local community college. After this year, if I decide not to take the transfer credit, can I reject it? So I can take the course again at my new undergrad again?

    Like basically abandon the transfer credit and grade? Will my undergrad know of this? It's not on my high school report card (duh...) or anything. It's like concurrent studies.

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    Anyone help?...
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    Also, when I apply for grad school, is it okay to hide this fact?
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    This is probably something a combination of your high school, that community college and your undergrad institution can answer for certain, but I would say yeah why wouldn't you be able to retake a class if you so desired? But are you asking if you can actually hide the fact that you took it from the school? You probably could by not sending them the transcript from the CC but why would you want to?
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    Ask the school, but all colleges and universities I've seen ask for transcripts from ALL previously attended schools. If you don't give it to them and they find out, you will probably be kicked out.
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    But aren't I applying as a freshman?...
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    Yes but if the school to which you're applying requires transcripts from *all* schools attended, and you don't send it, you could get kicked out as ibnsos said. Now, I don't know how common that is. But my advice to you is, don't take a chance. Send all transcripts, if they are required.

    And yes, retaking the class won't be an issue. You just have to pay twice.

    If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to refuse the credit from the classes you've already taken?
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    Poor gpa = no future in grad school because they read applicants like papers...(at least that's how I feel)
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    I've never heard of the actual grades from classes taken during high school (at a CC or not) being transferred over. They simply count as credit. But again, this is something to ask advisors at your respective schools.
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    They probably won't know about it unless you tell them officially and try to transfer the credits in.

    The summer before I went to university for electrical engineering, I took Calc I class at another college just to get a leg up on the studies, and because I was chomping at the bit to start learning. I got an A, but didn't transfer the course over to my University. I took Calc I again (and got another A) mostly to stay in the standard track and have all of the official prerequisites for further courses. This summer-course has never appeared in any records and I haven't even thought of it in years until you brought up this question.

    I never once thought about the previous poster's point about the school requiring all transcripts, but I was already accepted to the school when I took the course. Of course, if they state that as a policy officially, it's better to not take a chance. If you don't know, call and ask them. Perhaps I took a chance without even realizing it. I think the bigger issue is if you are trying to hide bad grades, which wasn't true in my case and hopefully wouldn't be true in your case.

    Another point is that most colleges allow you to audit a class. Usually you can sit in on the class for a lower fee, and you don't get a grade. This might server your purposes.
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    This is going to sound weird, but when does GPA really start to count in Canada/USA? in undergrad?

    It isn't just 3rd and 4th year courses right?...
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    In my experience, a college or university will consider all courses taken to obtain your degree. There may be some exceptions about retaking courses, transferring courses or dropping out and coming back years later, but basically it all starts freshman year and ends when you get your degree.
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    Where I teach, we do not include courses taken elsewhere in our GPA, even if we give credit for them towards degree requirements. If you re-take a course, only the most recent grade enters into the GPA. Otherwise, we include all courses taken here, from freshman year onward.
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    What happens if you apply to grad school? I mean it really don't look grade to retake a course just to boost your GPA.
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    It's OK to do it once or twice, although I never did myself. Assuming you haven't failed the course, which might force you to retake it if it is a required course, the motivation might be to learn, rather than improve the GPA. It's possible that you had a bad teacher (I had an alcoholic teacher that would fall into the blackboard, but I just taught myself and didn't retake the course), or had a family problem or heartbreak (I experienced both, but always somehow learned the important stuff, fortunately).
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    For most universities, you have to apply to get credit. Most people who have tried to get credit in college for courses taken in high school have had the opposite problem in that it can be a struggle to have the college take credit for the course.

    I really don't think you need to worry about it, since the odds are that you won't be able to get useful transfer credit for the course, even if you want it.
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    By the time you apply for grad school, what you did in high school will be ancient history that no one will really care much about.
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    My university (according to an official transfer guide) takes the credit, so I am okay.

    But don't they say I need to report everything ?
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