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With FORTRAN I may program Microcontrollers ?

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    With FORTRAN I may program Microcontrollers ? what else ? Can you give me some edu sites (offer such kits) of using fortran such a way ?
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    Welcome to PF.

    Most Microcontroller (uP) development platforms use C (an artificial assembler).
    Or can be programed in their native assembler.
    Some uPs support Basic.

    I don't know of any that support Fortran, unless you want to call Windows/Mac platform machines Microcontrollers.
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    how fortran used in engineering(electronics) or else ?
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    Here's more info about Fortran. It was actually the first language I learned, back about a billion years ago. C is a much better language for uC programming, IMO.


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    Depends on the micro...

    http://www.ghs.com/products/FORTRAN_compilers.html [Broken]
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    What are the FORTRAN APPLICATIONS briefly in electrical, computer and aerospace engineering ?

    All fortran can do, I may do it with FORCE 2.0(http://force.lepsch.com/index.html) ?
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