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Wolfram Mathematica: ListPlot3D to SphericalPlot3D

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    There is a problem with Mathematica: i calculate an integral with a help of NIntegrate and get the whole list of spherical coordinates, like {6.24, 3.14, 0.323488}, {6.26, 3.14, 0.323488}, {6.28, 3.14, 0.323488} and so on...
    then i create a list, like data = List[{6.24, 3.14, 0.323488}, {6.26, 3.14, 0.323488}, {6.28, 3.14, 0.323488}];
    and plot a ListPlot3D[data]. So the result is:

    The problem is: how to create a SphericalPlot3D /Point Plot/, having the list of spherical coordinates?

    Thank you!
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    Interesting problem. However, I think you need to ask this in the Math Software and Latex Forum. Perhaps a mentor will move it for you or you can pm a mentor and ask to have it moved.

    Also, maybe we can manually create the Graphics3D file in SphericalPlot3D format, and then just use Show. Not sure though. Alternatively, create a NIntegrate function passed to SphericalPlot3D, and then just have SpericalPlot3D plot it directly.
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