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Issue with ListPlot3D Mathematica

  1. Feb 9, 2015 #1
    Hi everybody,

    I am relatively new to Mathematica, so please don't be to harsh on me regarding beginners' mistakes ;-)

    I wanted to write a script, which evaluates and plots a series of 100 spectra. Therefore I have 100 spectral data files, which provide the spectrum in the first 1340 lines and background in the second 1340 lines. Additionaly I want to normalize the spectrum with a whitelightspectrum recorded in a second file.
    Hence I want to calculate (Spectrum-Background)/whitelight for each value.
    Therefore I calculate all the values using 2 interlaces for loops putting the values in a table, which works fine.
    My problem appears in the very last step as I want to plot the data using ListPlot3D which only returns an empty box (however it has the right dimensions).

    I would appreciate very much you help :-)

    Here is my source code:

    numspectra = 100;
    time = 0;
    data = Table[datafunc, {i1, numspectra}, {i2, 1340}, {i3, 3}];
    spectrum = Table[Import["...\#1_13_" <> ToString <> ".txt", "Data"], {i, numspectra}];
    whitelight = Table[Import["...\white 100spec_53_" <> ToString <> ".txt", "Data"], {u, numspectra}];

    For[h = 1, h <= numspectra, h++,
    time = time + 1;
    For[j = 1, j <= 1340, j++,
    wavelength = Part[spectrum, h, j, 1];
    If[Part[whitelight, h, j, 3] == 0, Part[whitelight, h, j, 3] = 1, Null]; (*Avoid division by 0*)
    bgcorr = (Part[spectrum, h, j, 3] - Part[spectrum, h, 1340 + j, 3])/ Part[whitelight, h, j, 3];

    Part[data, h, j, 1] = wavelength;
    Part[data, h, j, 2] = time;
    Part[data, h, j, 3] = bgcorr;
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  3. Feb 11, 2015 #2


    Staff: Mentor

    I think that what you need is:


    The problem is that data is a list of lists of coordinates (each coordinate being a list of 3 coordinates, in your case wavelength, time, and bgcorr). ListPlot3D expects a list of coordinates, not a list of lists of coordinates. Flatten flattens out the top level of the list.
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