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Would a GED math book be a good idea?

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    I would like to start a new a career hopefully by this time next year that requires me to know basic and high school level math. I graduated high school 20 years ago and I really have forgotten a lot. I was thinking about getting a Ged math study book. do you think it would help ?
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    By today's standards? Snoop around a bit on the net, and you should be able to find what material is expected of today's HS grads. You may find that to be enough a refresher, or, that you haven't forgotten as much as you think, or, that you were taught quite a bit more then than is expected now.
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    A Good Idea. GED mathematics books would give good review for Basic Math, simple algebra, and common Geometry. Contemporary Publishers and Steck-Vaughn Publishers are good products to use. The review should take a few weeks, maybe one or two months. Follow that with self-study of Introductory or Beginning Algebra from a good old-fashioned textbook.
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