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Would an unwrapping tetherball be able to steal all earth momentum?

  1. Oct 16, 2006 #1
    neglecting gravity in this problem the tetherball starts in the pole with a pole XD thickness of 1m

    if the tether spins oposite to earth the earth pulls on the string a revolution every 24 hours accelerating the tetherball opposite sense

    doesnt this agree with conservation of angular momentum?

    i dont make any affirmation im just asking
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    The tetherball is accelerated toward the center pole, in a direction exactly perpendicular to its motion. Hence, it does not increase its speed linearly or increase its angular momentum. It doesn't affect the earth's angular momentum at all.
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    Do a forum search for "tetherball". And please tell us that you are not eosphorous under a different name (but only if it's true, of course).
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    my point is that a tetherball APARENTLY breaks the conservation of angular momentum because it keeps a constant linear speed however the radius

    after pages of discussion here its been agreed that the tether gets that extra angular momentum from earth

    from there my idea to steal ertahs angular momentum
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    There is no such thing as "apparently" - it either does or it doesn't (hint: it doesn't).

    Have you even tried to apply some math to calculate what happens here? We're not going to indulge your rambling rants. You need to show that you are willing to actually learn physics if you want these discussions to continue.
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    Dang! You beat me to the 'Aviator Alert'. :grumpy:
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