Would this be against the forum rules?

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    I know that this site is an English based site (great for me, since it is the only language I speak fluently), so I thought I'd better ask before I act on this idea I had. Here it is:

    I have been trying to learn another language for some time. I am working on German. I took a class, got an A, but was unable to take it the next course due to time constraints. I would like to continue developing my skills with the language, so I had an idea to start a blog, and post about events that happened to me during the day. The catch is that I would post about them in German. This way, I would be able to practice my language skills and some of the native German speakers who found the blog would be able to offer me advice.

    I was wondering if I would be able to do something like this with a blog here on PF, if I started one. Would this be ok? I know that this site is English-based so I thought it would be best to check with you Mentors/Admins before I start something like this.

    So, would I be breaking any rules if I started a "German blog?" If so, I understand completely. Thanks for any advice you can offer (on the PF rules and on learning German:smile:)
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    Blogs are fine, feel free to go ahead.
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    Thanks Evo!

    If you happen to have any German skills, feel free to stop by my future blog and offer advice.

    EDIT: Hmmm. I try to set up a blog, but I get the message "Your blog was deleted. If you wish to create another please contact an Administrator."

    Apparantly I used to have a blog. Guess I need Greg's help on this one...
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    Yeah, our rules are more lax with the blogs. Mostly, we stick to English in the forums because that's the only language most of the mentors speak fluently, so the only way we can tell what's being written (we had some problems with people using foreign languages to circumvent profanity filters, or to insult other people, for example).

    Just beware, if you're going to be writing your plans to overthrow the sisterhood in German, we have snitches planted everywhere. :devil:
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    Moonbear, I would never....

    (psss, Verstecken Sie die Pläne!):biggrin:
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