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Wouldn't the Geiger Counter be considered a measuring device in SC?

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    I think I am missing something in Schrodinger's Cat... Wouldn't the Geiger Counter cause the wave function of the decay to collapse because the Geiger Counter is interfering with the wave function? Would the Geiger Counter end the superposition of the particle? Does the problem lie with what the Copenhagen Interpretation defines as a "measuring device?"
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    The state of the radioactive decay product is irrelavent; it is either emitted or not. Therefore the (pseudo) wavefunction of the entire system is an equal superposition of emission and non-emission corresponding to a dead or alive Cat respectively.

    Yes, the geiger counter collapses this superposition into ultimately dead or alive states. Schrodinger's point is that, with the box closed the cat exists in a superposition of dead or alive states

    It's easy to get confused about it. I've started to doubt what I've said now I've written it, that's the nature of it. I'd appreciate others input
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