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Calculators Write a Function in Ti 89 titanium

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    I wish to write a function that takes in 3 arguments and outputs 1. I want it to be a saved function so that I can call it at will like cos() or ln()

    How do i go about doing this? I am unsure of the syntax.

    Let's say it is really simple like:


    So from the home screen I would like to type f(1,2,3) and have it return 6

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: okay so maybe that is easier than I thought. The problem I am running into is that you cannot use the "store" key when writing a function.

    For example if I wanted to write the above like this:

    Return A+z

    I cannot. I have to write:

    Return x+y+z

    Also, is there a "shift key" that will make my variables Capital if I need E instead of e ?
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    Yeah. That is a "user-defined" as in, you need to redefine it every time you need it.

    I edited my OP. What I posted shows how to do it from program editor-->functions

    Unfortunately, if it is a complicated expression, it is a bi##h to write as you cannot break it down into simpler components using the store button.
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