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Calculators Something wrong with my TI-89 Titanium

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    There is something wrong with my TI-89 Titanium. When I enter factor(x^2-5x=6), it displays the answer as 6.17481 E12/ (2)^11 * (5)^13.
    I've checked all the mode settings and they seem to be same as the initial settings. Any idea what could be wrong?
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    It displays answers in numerical values instead of answers with variables when I try to integrate or differentiate functions too. It has never happened before.
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    The problem seems to be that you have stored some value to x. What you may need to do is clear all those variables (there is an option from the homescreen under F1, I believe). Basically, you may have done something like this:


    So then factor(x^2-5x=6) would do something like this in the background:

    But when it displays it, since x has an actual value, it computes (37+1)(37-6). In your case, x is clearly not 37, but I am sure you get the idea XD
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    Yes, that's it! I cleared all the variables and it works fine! Thank you very much! <3
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    That is great to hear! That is a problem that always trips me up, too, because I like to store values to variables.
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