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Write physics extended essay (IB)

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    I'm supposed to write an extended essay in physics (I'm currently studying in the last year of IB). I haven't chosen any research question or a topic for my essay. I would appreciate if you could give me some ideas. I searched about it but all the ideas I found are so common and everybody chooses them. I want to get an A so I need to have a new and nice idea. And something in which I can preform an experiment, and then write about the result and analyze them in about 4000 words. Pleas please and please ... help me!
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    And by the way, the areas of physics which I like to do my EE from are waves and, Kinematic, and thermodynamic.
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    How technical does it need to be? What is IB?
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    Pre university!
    IB is an international program in which all courses are being thought in english and it goes a bit deeper into the subjects compared to other high school programs. I just mentioned that it for IB so if there are other IB students having the same question could use this post as well.
    But the level is pre university.
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    You could write about the relationship between thermodynamics and information theory.

    There's a great popular physics book on the subject called "Decoding the Universe"
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    alireza1992, Since you need to do experiments for your research project I suggest making a spectrograph to measure the sun's light. You will find emission lines and absorbtion lines, both which tell you about the sun's characteristics. A simple prism will get you started, but a high quality diffraction grating spectrometer would be best. Measure, analyze, and then report! Good luck.
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    I like the idea with spectrogpraph. The idea with the information theory is good as well but I cannot preform any experiment in that one.
    I put the spectrograph idea in consideration :)
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