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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a two-year educational programme primarily aimed at 16-to-19-year-olds in 140 countries around the world. The programme provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and is recognized by many universities worldwide. It was developed in the early-to-mid-1960s in Geneva, Switzerland, by a group of international educators. After a six-year pilot programme that ended in 1975, a bilingual diploma was established.
Administered by the International Baccalaureate (IB), the IBDP is taught in schools in over 140 countries, in one of three languages: English, French, or Spanish. In order to participate, students must attend an IB school. IBDP students complete assessments in six subjects, one from each subject group, and three core requirements. Students are evaluated using both internal and external assessments, and courses finish with an externally assessed series of examinations, usually consisting of two or three timed written tests. Internal assessment varies by subject: there may be oral presentations, practical work, or written work. In most cases, these are initially graded by the classroom teacher, whose grades are then verified or modified, as necessary, by an appointed external moderator.
Generally, the IBDP has been well-received. It has been commended for introducing interdisciplinary thinking to students. In the United Kingdom, The Guardian newspaper claims that the IBDP is "more academically challenging and broader than three or four A-levels".

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  1. VeryNice

    Physics Extended Essay about Gauss' law and/or Lorentz force

    Hi. This is not exactly a homework problem, but I'm posting to ask for help for my extended essay. I am doing the IB (international baccalaureate) program and we are required to write a 4000 words extended essay on any subject. I decided to do mine on physics (through process of elimination...
  2. J

    Extended Essay Research question help (first year IB student)

    Hi guys, I am a first year IB student and I need to give hand in my research question for the extended essay today, the only thing is that I don't really know what I could do it on. The extended essay is basically a 4000 word research project. I was going to do it on photoelasticity, but when I...
  3. N

    What Are Some Possible Topics for an IB Physics Extended Essay?

    These are a few topics I had shortlisted, please advise if anyone of them is EE worthy: - To what extent does the rotational velocity of a ping-pong ball affect its horizontal travel distance? -How is the drop time of a parachute affected by variables such as mass, canopy area, size of apex...
  4. U

    B Help with IB Extended Essay Physics Experiment Ideas

    I'm having trouble coming up with a experiment to investigate for my IB Extended Essay as well as formulating my research question. Does anyone have any recommendations on similar (in terms of classical physics & abundance of background theory) physics experiments that can be done?
  5. E

    Extended Essay IB - Quantum Physics Oriented

    Summary:: - IB Extended Essay - Physics - Quantum Mechanics and Electricity/ Electrical Components I've been asked to pick a topic for my IB Extended Essay. Basically the extended essay is a piece of independent research done during the course of IB. It's meant to be 4000 words and you have to...
  6. SoulOfSword_

    Astrophysics/Astronomy Extended Essay -- Trying to figure out a research topic

    Homework Statement: Ideas for astrophysics EE Homework Equations: Extended essay Hi Guys! I'm trying to figure out a research topic in astrophysics/astronomy for my IB extended essay. I don't really know what to do, do any of you any ideas, maybe even off the top of your heads? It needs to...
  7. K

    B IB Physics Extended Essay - Quantum Levitation

    I've decided to focus my essay on quantum locking: including superconductors (YBCO), the Meissner Effect. I have access to the materials needed to experiment with this topic (materials from quantumlevitation.com). Could anyone help me formulate an appropriate research question for my Extended...
  8. K

    B I formulating a research question for my Extended Essay

    Hello, I am a student in the IB Diploma course. I've decided to focus my essay on quantum locking: including superconductors (YBCO), the Meissner Effect. I have access to the materials needed to experiment with this topic (materials from quantumlevitation.com). Could anyone help me formulate an...
  9. A

    Astronomy Physics Extended Essay

    Hi, I was told today that I will be starting my EE (an EE stands for Extended Essay, where we have to write 4000 words research paper where you analyse data, do experiments etc... for a particular topic of your choice) One of my main areas of interest in physics is astronomy and I would like to...
  10. V

    B Physics Extended Essay Research Question

    So we need to decide our research question for the Extended Essay. The extended essay is basically a 4000-word in-depth research on atopic. I chose physics as my subject and I want to something in classical mechanics. can someone please suggest a topic ASAP. P.s. even though its a high school...
  11. V

    B IB Extended Essay in Astrophysics

    Hi everyone! I am currently in desperate need of help in choosing an appropriate topic for an extended essay in HL physics. (If you didn't know, an extended essay is a 4000 research paper where you analyze data, do experiments etc... for a particular topic of your choice) I am really interested...
  12. manu101

    Physics EE (Extended Essay) on Bicycle Stability

    Hello! I'm new to the Physics forums so I'm not too sure if this is the right place. But hopefully it is :) Anyway, I'm currently an IB student studying Physics at higher level and decided that I was going to do my EE (extended essay), which is about 4000 words, on physics. Since I really...
  13. C

    Controlling the speed of an AC motor?

    For my IB Physics Extended Essay, I have just changed my topic from momentum to this and I have really little time of doing it... (Due in Oct) :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: My research question would be The effect of angular velocity of circular motion of a moving sound source on the sound...
  14. E

    Advice on deciding my topic for the Extended Essay

    Hello everyone I hope I am writing in the right place, it is my first time posting on this forum. I am a student at an international school doing the IB education system. As like many of the past posts here, I am extremely stressed about my physics Extended Essay (Basically a 4000 word essay...
  15. C

    Other Physics EE (Extended Essay) Advice: Conservation of momentum

    I am not sure if I am at the right place and I hope that I am... For my EE I want to do an investigation on something related to pool table and games so it will definitely be related to momentum. And one of the common techniques in pool games is that the player aims the ball on the rail of the...
  16. L

    Investigating the Physics Behind Horizontal Damping of a Trailer

    I want to do an investigation on how the damping of a trailer when it is moved horizontally. I saw a video of a toy car with a trailer and someone changing the weight distribution on the trailer. This change led to a big difference in the oscillation patterns of the trailer when moved. (the...
  17. K

    IB Extended Essay Ideas (viscosity)?

    I'm starting the extended essay and have decided to explore more on finding the viscosity of Newtonian liquids. However I was told by my supervisor that this topic is too broad, and that I should come up with a more specific topic/research question— one that possibly relates to a real life...
  18. P

    How Ocean Waves Affect Beaches

    Hi I am currently looking for a topic to write my essay on. My first idea was to talk about how waves altered in different beaches. (With this I mean the shape of the waves) I don't know much about waves and I can't seem to find good info on the internet. If you think there isn't much to write...
  19. P

    What is the IB Extended Essay in Physics?

    Hi I'm a 11th grade IB student who is currently taking physics and will do the extended essay on physics :)
  20. P

    Other Weird question: IB Physics EE ideas

    Hi guys, I am currently doing HL IB Physics and i chose to do my Extended Essay on physics as well but i am having trouble to figure out my topic and what my question can be. I was thinking of something around the area of stability in structures or renewable energy. But i have no idea what...
  21. P

    Exploring Microwave Oven Geometry for My IB Extended Essay in Physics

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the correct place to post this thread. So, I'm in a school that takes part in the IB diploma which is basically an internationally recognized diploma that let's students have a wide range of possible universities when they leave high school. One of the requirements...
  22. K

    Schools Physics Extended Essay Topics (Electricity/Circuits/etc.)

    I am an IB student and I want to write a 4000 word paper on Physics. I want to incorporate circuits into the paper with the foundation of my topic discussing electric fields/electric force/anything of this sort. I need advice on what kinds of topics can be suitable to write 4000 words on. I am...
  23. E

    What topic does my Extended Essay idea go under?

    Homework Statement I'm currently trying to decide on a topic for my IB Extended Essay, which is essentially an essay that I'll be doing research for and working on for the next 8 months. Right now, I'm really fascinated by the idea of doing an extended essay on the topic of prosthetics or...
  24. E

    Engineer hopeful- Does my IB Extended Essay topic matter?

    Homework Statement I'm currently trying to decide on a topic for my IB Extended Essay, which is essentially just a long-term essay I'll be working on for the next 8 months or so. The topic of the essay is limited to IB courses I've taken so far, in addition to a few other types of topics that...
  25. N

    Help with Physics Extended Essay

    Well, I'm just finishing my first year with the IB program and we're starting our extended essay (a 4000 words investigation). I am posting here because i need help with the topic (I've chosen to do a Physics EE). So far I've came up with windmills and to determine factors that affect its...
  26. S

    [IB] Physics Extended Essay

    Sorry I didn't post this using the template :c, since this is not a Physics problem to solve. Hello everyone, I hope this is the right section to ask this.. I am in a program called International Baccalaureate and I need to write a 4000 word essay on Physics. My investigation is related to 2D...
  27. A

    Physics research question help (suggestions)

    Hi:), I'm doing the IB and I'm doing my extended essay(EE) in physics. I've thought of so many questions and I even started experimenting on a few but they haven't really worked out. I was doing one recently(the effect of the length of a pendulum on its time period) but apparently, I won't be...
  28. U

    Ib extended essay about magnetic repulsion (maglev trains)

    I have been trying to come up with a good question for my Ib extended essay which is a 4000 words essay about any physics topic of my choice. However, with this topic I need to come up with an experiment to further investigate this topic and write up an analysis and conclusion. I am really...
  29. T

    Calculating the moment of inertia of a filled cylinder

    Homework Statement For my IB higher level physics extended essay I will have to calculate the angular momentum of a cylinder rolling down a slope. The cylinder is made out of copper and will be filled with a known mass of car engine oil. I think i can obtain the angular velocity fairly easily...
  30. P

    Extended essay ideas for physics -- help needed please

    Hi Guys, I need help with my topic for physics, I'm thinking of doing something on aerodynamics, but if its not possible I need help to figure other topics from physics. I would appreciate any advice you would have to give me. Thanks in advance.
  31. A

    Extended Essay Ideas -- F1 Racecar Aerodynamics?

    Hello guys! I'm currently in the IB Diploma Programme. I'm trying to narrow down my topic in Aerodynamics of an F1 car (huge fan here!). Any ideas? I was thinking more on the lines of wing deflection..
  32. A

    IB Physics Extended Essay - Terminal velocity experiment - ideas neede

    Hi. I decided a month or so ago, that I am going to do my physics extended essay on the topic of terminal velocity. However, at the moment I am not sure what experiment I can do. At the beginning I thought I would do an experiment where I would drop bodies made of cardboard with different...
  33. A

    Physics Extended Essay: Kinetic Friction Research

    Hello! I am doing my Extended Essay in physics. Extended Essay is a formal research on a topic and its about 4000 words. My topic is ' How does depth of water on the road and the temperature of the road affect the coefficient of kinetic friction'. My teacher says I cannot effectively control...
  34. R

    Physics Extended Essay Suggestions

    I am a high school student who is extremely passionate about physics. As part of the IB program, I need to pick a question and write an extended essay by next September using about 40 hours to write approximately 4,000 words. I chose physics for my subject area, and would appreciate some...
  35. J

    Extended Essay on Virtual Particles?

    I'm planning on doing my 4000-word extended essay for International Baccalaureate on virtual particles (theoretical and particle physics really interest me). I'm starting to get quite stressed, though, as summer is half over, and we were advised to have, at the least, our research done by...
  36. A

    What are some potential research questions for an IB Physics extended essay?

    Hi. I'm supposed to write an extended essay in physics (I'm currently studying in the last year of IB diploma program). I haven't chosen any research question or a topic for my essay. I would appreciate if you could give me some ideas. The areas of physics in which I like to do my EE are waves...
  37. A

    Write physics extended essay (IB)

    Hi. I'm supposed to write an extended essay in physics (I'm currently studying in the last year of IB). I haven't chosen any research question or a topic for my essay. I would appreciate if you could give me some ideas. I searched about it but all the ideas I found are so common and everybody...
  38. S

    IB Chemistry Extended Essay help

    Homework Statement For my IB extended essay I want to determine the quantity of salt in comercial popcorns, and analyze if this amount of salt consumption is bad for one's health. I've made my investigation, and read that the levels of salt in these popcorns are quite high, and in the long...
  39. T

    Need help with physics extended essay

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here, I hope this is a good place to put it. I take HL physics for my IB program and thinking of doing the EE on physics. I looked into Bernoulli's principle and thought this would be interesting. A good experiment is having a ping pong ball hover over a...
  40. Z

    Exploring the Physics of Boiling Water: A Comparative Study with Oil

    Im just about to start writing my extended essay, which is basically 4000 words on a topuc of your choice, I am thinking of Physics. My idea is to investigate what causes water to make the noise it makes right before it boils, to focus on whether it is the purity of it or not, I am thinking of...
  41. L

    IB Diploma: Physics Extended Essay Topic Ideas & Experiments

    On IB Diploma Programme I have to write the essay in physics including 4000 words spending on it 40h and now I want to know the topic and what to investigate. Can You give me any ideas? I am a high school student and I can make an experiment in home conditions so do not exaggerate. If you can...
  42. L

    IB extended essay topic suitability?

    I have my IB extended essay and i want to do it in physics, now i know how hard it is to get an A on it but I am ready to risk it, my major problem is that its pretty hard to think of a suitable research question. I was thinking of doing it on the effect of temperature on the coefficient of...
  43. C

    Chemistry Extended Essay Phosphorous

    Okay, so I need urgent help on my chemistry extended essay. I am doing my extended essay on determining amounts of phosphorous in samples of water. Basically, I am not using any lakes,river etc to test ways of determining it but I am just using different PPM's of phosphorous to test if its an...
  44. A

    Physics Extended Essay Guidance

    I will be starting my IB Extended Essay soon and desperately need help choosing a topic. I have taken Physics as my subject because I really enjoy it. I am trying to combine physics with a sport because it will be more interesting for me. I had brainstormed a little, and found that golf and...
  45. E

    Extended Essay - Rate of flow of ferrofluid

    I have just started working on my extended essay and my research question is "How does the rate of flow of ferrofluid through a thin tube depend upon the strength of the magnetic field" I have done one experiment where i changed the magnetic fields strength and measured the flow rate. The...
  46. L

    IB Extended Essay topic in mathematics?

    I tried to find an adequate one, but all of my attempts is beyond the reach of my ability as a high school student. I am interested in Number Theory, Set Theory, or Logic. Could you suggest me one?
  47. T

    IB Extended Essay: Finding an Interesting Topic

    This isn't a typical homework/coursework question, but I didn't really see where else to put it. I'm currently enrolled in IB (International Baccalaureate) Physics Higher Level, and have to do a research paper spanning from now until I have to submit it in next February or March, I believe...
  48. G

    Is Using Complex Numbers Necessary for Understanding Quantum Mechanics?

    Hello, I've chosen to do my Ib extended essay, a piece of research of about 4000 words, on mathematics because I really like physics but I think I'm not very good at expreimental physics, and in order to do it on physics you needed an experiment or some kind of data. So I chosed to od it on...
  49. P

    Physics Essay/Disertation - IB Extended Essay - ME

    Hello! I need some guidance regarding the topic of my essay. The EE is a 4000 word essay that has to have a specific, very narrow topic, relating to a specific subject. I've made up my mind on physics as my subject of choice, but not on the topic. After the IB course I'm looking to do...