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Wrong maple leaf on Canadian currency!

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    Canada has apparently issued a 20 CAD bill with a Norwegian maple leaf on it's face side according to an expert . Tsk!TsK!

    http://news.yahoo.com/canada-put-wrong-maple-leaf-canadian-dollar-20-195337455--business.html [Broken]
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    It's not a Norwegian Maple, it's a Norway Maple. They are an invasive species in the American continent. They are planted extensively by home developers because they are ornamental and grow quickly. On the downside, they inhibit undergrowth and crowd out other trees including the Sugar Maple, Canada's symbol. I had two on my yard, but one got infested with carpenter ants and I cut it down. The neighborhood was built about 90 years ago and is full of them.
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    That's even worse!
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    At least it wasn't a palm tree, or worse yet, a Norwegian palm tree.
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    You know, even I can tell the difference between that sorry excuse for a maple leaf on the twenty dollar bill and the maple leaf on the Canadian flag, and perhaps more importantly, the insignia of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

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    Canada is a nation of immigrants, a cultural mosaic of people from all over the globe. Unlike its neighbor to the South (who seems to have a major political party based in part on xenophobia), Canadians embrace the idea of multiculturalism. Just because an individual (or in this case a tree) comes from a different country, doesn't mean that it cannot be Canadian.
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    I know the Norway Maple is a fait accompli as an invasive species, but are you sure Canadians would welcome other non-indigenous plant and animal species? I never thought of that as political.
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    Xenophobia is a common trait that brings all people together. In fact, the United States has the best xenophobia in the world. There are a couple of states that have banned the Norway maple, whatever that means, but I don't think it was xenophobia that made them do it. If it threatens the Sugar maple, Canada may follow suit. Except, of course, in Quebec.
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    No doubt the inclusion of a Norway Maple was a preconceived feature of the new $20 to thwart counterfeiters who would most naturally think Canada and draw a Maple Leaf. Now that the secret is out ...
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    O Canada! First, it was maple theft and now wrong maple leaf.

    World is coming to an end! :surprised
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    Omg. Its not even the real queen.
    They have used the Queen of England.
    Make haste Holmes. The game is afoot. We have work to do.
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