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C/++/# WxDev C++ and Console outputting

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    So I ran into a problem with my Python implementation and have decided to rewrite my program in wxC++ instead of wxPython.

    Starting to make some progress (I keep forgetting to put ;'s at the end of lines DAMN YOU PYTHON!!!)

    ANyone know how I can output to a console? I was using LiClipse for the python dev and any prints went to the console in the IDE.

    I'm now using DEV C++ but if I do printf's or cout's I don't see the outputs.
    Anyone have any ideas??

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    Why are you combining wxWidgets and a console? The way to show the console is somewhere in the project file, but usually the point of the wxWIdget is to see only your main window. Can you simply log your output somewhere?
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    I used the console to output debugging information. Its nice to be able to output information in an easy format when building stuff.

    @256bits Thanks I'll look into that.

    What I've done as a quick workaround is built a little object that writes to a file, which I just monitor using tail
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