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C++ on LPCExpresso-1769 to make 3D pong console

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    Hello, PhisicsForums

    We are a group of students from the Avans University of Applied Sciences. We're currently doing a project where we have to design and make a 3D pong console.

    The idea of the project is to make a "Dedicated Video Game Console" that can be remotely controlled by remotes using infrared communication.

    For the game logic we're using a microcontroller and for the rendering of the frames we're using a FPGA.

    During the "design-phase" of our project we have made a lot of decisions,

    One of them being: The programming language running on our microcontroller.

    In the end after a bit of discussion we’ve decided to use C++.

    The reason we've decided to choose C++ as the language for our project is because we think that some of C++'s functionalities can be quite helpful considering we have to program a version of the game 3D Pong. This mostly has to do with the ability to do Object Oriented Programming. We don't necessarily think that, even though C++ is known to produce much larger programs than regular C, we'll run into any program memory problems since we have 128KB of it.(Although we have no practical experience to confirm this).

    So, considering our project, is choosing C++ to use on a LPCxpresso1769 a reasonable choice? Would the obvious alternative(C) maybe a better choice? What are the risks and downsides of using C++ and it's additional functionalities compared to using other languages?
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    Move to Computer Science. Interesting project, good luck!
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    You should check if your compiler supports C++ for the microcontroller you'll be using. Interesting project.
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    @NRoos The NXP eclipse version does support C++ for the LPCExpresso1769.
    To answer you questions. Do you need C++ for the game logic?
    In my opinion it is handy because of the OO.
    Besides it being object oriented it is also handy to use C++ if you want the MCU to calculate the vectors and "3D" view.
    You can find a lot of libraries that do this for you.
    And yes this can be done in C but you will have to write your own library(or find one what i didn't manage to do).
    This does require a bit more of math knowledge.

    It definitely is a interesting project. Please keep us updated
    Good luck
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