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Xeon CPU and NVidia Quadro screencard.

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    Dear members,

    in a dell 650 workstation i have twin Xeon CPUs and NVidia Quadro screencard installed. Supposed to give good to excellent performance, however the rendering speed is extremely slow. The computer runs very slow compared to much less powerful configurations.

    There is no system faults ( multiple thread is active )and no hardware conflicts. ( no viruses on system ). in addition installed apps, and utils is kept to a minimum.

    Further, the system accepts surprisingly low amount of polygons.

    One friend told me that there could be problems with speed due to the construction layout of the Xeon cpu in combination with NVidias screencard on Dell computers. Do the forum members have any experience / information about this?

    What to do to solve this speed problem? Any advice is appreceiated.

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    First, I would make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your videocard, no generic Windows drivers. Also, how much ram does your workstation have? I hope at least 2 gigs... Is this a brand-new unit or has it been running for a while? the reason I ask is you may be long overdue for a hard drive defrag.

    I'm running a Dell 670 at work with a single 3.4GHz Xeon processor, 2 Gb ram, and an nVidia Quadro FX 4500; it runs pretty dang fast. I doubt there are any compatibilty problems between Intel Xeon CPUs and nVidia video cards.
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