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Xi decay quarks conserved but flavour not conserved

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    I have been looking into particle physics and i came across this question but i can not find the answer,

    the quetsion is as follows:

    the xi particle decays into the following
    [itex]\Xi -> \wedge + \Pi^{-}[/itex]
    dds -> sud + [itex]\overline{u}d [/itex]
    the quark numbers are conserved but the flavours are not conserved.

    I cannot understand why the flavours are not conserved. Can anyone help me?
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    Where does that come from?
    Looks conserved to me.

    The long lifetime (~10-10s) is suspicious.
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    It says on it why isnt it conserved and is it decayed by strong or weak forces.
    I would say weak because flavours are not conserved but by looking at it, it seems to be conserved
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    Well, it is easy to draw a diagram for the strong interaction.

    The long lifetime indicates that those diagrams are problematic in terms of parity, or cancel each other partially, or something else.

    Edit @Bill_K's post: Oh, that explains everything. And ##\Sigma^-## with dds is too light to decay into ##\Lambda + \pi##

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    The Ξ- (aka cascade particle) is not dds, it's dss. The decay is weak because it does not conserve strangeness.
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