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XRD Scherrer Equation need explanation

  1. Oct 3, 2008 #1
    Hi everybody
    Actually i need to calculate a cristallite nanoparticles size by using my XRD measurement results. I looked in some sites and published papers, folks are used an equation called Scherrer equation to calculate the radius of a nanoparticle. Ive found in an another forum this informations [ Crystallite Size = (K * L) / (FWHM x Cos(theta)) K is the shape factor of the average crystallite (expected shape factor is 0.9). L is the wavelength (usually 1.54056 Å for Cu K(alpha)sub1, and theta is the peak position.] . I hope that someone can verify those informations for me and explain what does the Lettre K represent ( what value should i use for K) .

    Thanks for your attention
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