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Yup another oh crap I don't have the book issue. EM Fields, Wangsness

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    Yup another "oh crap I don't have the book" issue. EM Fields, Wangsness

    my elements of solid state physics book finally came in the mail but now I need my EM book

    If you have it I just need the questions, the book got returned to sender so I need to wait longer for it than expected(I'm not having ANY luck with that this semester)

    Anyways, Wangsness' EM Fields, 2nd ed.

    1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.9, 1.10, 1.13, 1.15, 1.23, 1.24

    I've already sent emails to classmates but they suck at checking e-mails sometimes

    Hmm, that IS a lot of problems to type out, but I'd appreciate it forrrevverrrrr
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    Dr Transport

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    Emailing you the problems wouldn't do you any good, they refer to equations in the text by number.

    I love Wangsness as a text and if I didn't I would sell it to you. I consider it to be the best text E&M text out there at junior/senior undergrad level.
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    Well unfortunately I'm in a jam 'cuz it's due tomorrow(I expected the book by Friday, got the oops we screwed you email on Friday, and was indisposed alllll Saturday)

    if you could just e-mail them I'll try my luck without the pretty numbered equations(the vector and vector calculus and math review of chapter 1 is really similar to what's in my mechanics text's chapter it seems, I could probably figure out what I needed)e-mail's schattenjaeger@verizon.net I'll love you foreverrrrr
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    Dr Transport

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    They are on the way......
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    You're my hero!
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