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Zeno's Paradox (Quantum Level)

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post, I didnt see an introduction section to give some of my background. Let me know if there is one somewhere?

    Anyway, Years ago, I attended a lecture on Zeno's paradox. The paradox basicly says," how many times can I ask you to walk halfway to the wall, before you hit the wall"

    If you are 10 feet from the wall, and divide that number by 2, you will get five. Dividing by two always leaves some very small number/distance. The calculator says you NEVER reach the wall.

    I have seen mathematical explanations using series, etc. for the explanation, but I prefer this explanation:

    The paradox assumes "infinite regression" for all practical purposes this is not possible, there is only a "finite" number of steps to the wall.

    Comments? Questions? other explanations?

    Nice place you have here, Regards, John
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    Looks like I should have searched first, Five previous Zeno's topics DOH!
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