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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,189
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,980
Hi I am working in Ansys workbench, where i came across one issue that how to apply loads which are inside the...
Aug10-12 01:39 AM
0 1,039
A bucket elevator for conveying solid material (cement mill feed of 30mm~2.5mm) draws an abnormally high current when...
Aug9-12 09:53 AM
5 900
Hello Phys Forum I’m trying to solve a dynamic problem that involves a cantilever beam fixed onto a support that...
Aug9-12 08:34 AM
4 3,241
Hey all, I never studied hydraulic circuits but I needed to design/make a hydraulic system for some research...
Aug8-12 11:18 AM
3 1,176
I understand that the engineering stress-strain curve of different material under tension test is different, but for...
Aug8-12 08:24 AM
3 2,222
Suppose we have a second-order system with the following transfer function: G(s)= \frac{1}{s^{2} + 2ζω_{n}s...
Aug7-12 03:44 PM
1 2,592
I am designing a rather complicated system that needs a certain level of precision. The design includes four (probably...
Aug6-12 09:38 PM
10 1,591
What happens when there is lean burn in a combustion engine? Does the reaction complete quicker? Is that why it is...
Aug5-12 08:09 AM
7 1,512
Hi. I have aluminium tube (Alloy 6063T6 ) 1 1/2 inch outside diameter 1/4wt. I need to turn inside of this tube...
Aug5-12 04:19 AM
2 775
Hello, I'm looking to experiment with an Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) system of accelerating a projectile....
Aug4-12 05:09 PM
12 13,205
I have been given a project at work to find the number of dozers needed to push a certain volume of material in a...
Aug4-12 08:26 AM
10 1,594
If we have a pipe with dimensions D=0.006m L=0.01m and a mass flow of m' = 0.019 kg/s How can we determine...
Aug3-12 10:13 PM
2 756
Does anyone know of a program that can give a good approximation of fluid flow based on the Navier Stokes equations? I...
Aug3-12 10:06 PM
1 849
I have a steel component ∅37mm (O.D.) and looking for material/guidelines on a loose tolerance for the housing...
Aug1-12 06:56 PM
2 753
Sorry guys, As I understand there is no introduction topic or what so ever so I'll do it here. Don't want to burst in...
Aug1-12 07:06 AM
5 1,009
hello guys, Do you have any sample project of Truck-mounted crane that contains drawing,calculations ??? Best...
Jul31-12 07:06 PM
15 1,341
Dear Physics Forum community, I am posting here as a last resort, so any guidance/references would be much...
Jul31-12 03:34 PM
3 1,475
lets say i have an electric dc motor and i connected its shaft to a planetary gear system. this planetary gear systems...
Jul31-12 02:13 PM
5 1,057
Can a direct injection petrol engine of compression ratio 13:1, or around that much, be designed to run on fuel of low...
Jul31-12 08:13 AM
9 1,406
Hi, I am majoring in mechanical engineering, and I have to take my first programming class, I have 2 options, a...
Jul31-12 03:23 AM
3 1,417
Maybe I've asked this before but I can't find the topic any more. I'm looking for a way to calculate the outgoing...
Jul31-12 02:33 AM
1 535
All, Know of any thermodynamics text that's better than "fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics" From Wiley...
Jul31-12 12:38 AM
8 1,141
What equation(s) do I use to calculate the weight necessary to crush a pipe lying horizontally on the ground and the...
Jul30-12 05:46 PM
3 2,287
How much breathing of a threaded joint is acceptable? Is there a rule of thumb? The specific application is a...
Jul30-12 04:48 PM
0 594
So there is always a debate on gun forums over if lubricants marked for firearms are better then motor oil or cheaper...
Jul30-12 02:20 PM
6 1,226
Hey there, I am currently working on creating models in Abaqus of Wrist implants to see how they respond under...
Jul30-12 10:21 AM
1 817
Hi there - I'm trying to build a decorational device that holds a rather heavy ball and I want to be able to control...
Jul30-12 09:50 AM
4 1,119
I'm just trying to figure out a theory. Forget what you know about a reciprocating piston engine, and just dream with...
Jul30-12 12:24 AM
1 641
I am making a dust cleaning system for induction furnaces in my steel mill and for that I have to design a mechanism...
Jul28-12 02:53 PM
4 807
It is thought that people develop respiratory infections during air travel because much of the airplane cabin air is...
Jul27-12 09:39 PM
2 1,324
(Please see attached!) Hey guys, I'm working on a summer student project and my group is in charge of design. What...
Jul27-12 05:53 PM
8 1,307
Hi Folks, Sorry if this has been asked before but I have searched the forums and can't anything to do with this. ...
Jul27-12 05:37 PM
4 994
I am looking for copper fins the same as would be on a heating pipe. the fins need to be like a coil or slinky. If...
Jul27-12 12:11 PM
6 789
When some gun powder explode in a iron hollow cylinder , how much energy consume to destroy that cylinder? We have...
Jul27-12 03:48 AM
1 980
Hi all, There is a block of ice (say 20 cm^3) sitting inside a box (50cm^3, constant volume) at very low P and low...
Jul26-12 01:04 PM
1 738
Hi, i need some help in writing the surface mesh in abaqus. i have a wing model, meshed using hexahedral mesh. now...
Jul26-12 12:41 AM
1 1,077
Estimate how long a time it will take to cool a trailer filled with coke ? Given the ambient temperature is 22...
Jul24-12 08:12 PM
3 926
Hello. I am writing a relatively simple simulation code for looking at transient temperatures in a surge tank,...
Jul24-12 07:15 PM
4 903
Can anyone explain me how the load is applied to a metal specimen during tensile test? I am confused because I read...
Jul24-12 05:09 PM
2 713
Does anyone know where I can purchase a torsional strain gauge? Website? Company? Thanks
Jul23-12 05:49 PM
1 1,009

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