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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,849
Hello! I've got a question concerning the direction of the vector r in the Feynman Lectures of Physics in Chapter 13.3...
Apr23-14 10:49 AM
3 228
Hello everyone, I really run into a problem here. The magnification equation for mirrors describes such a...
Jun12-12 01:11 AM
Simon Bridge
10 4,592
I was hoping that I could get some help in engineering a independent swing arm suspension. I have a trailer that I...
Sep22-10 10:00 PM
0 1,130
How does it leave the earth if it can only be transferred through matter and there's space outside our atmosphere?
Jun22-08 02:29 AM
3 3,739
I recently did an experiment in class that involved two parts, 1) the collision of 2 metal pucks 2) the collision of...
Nov29-10 07:43 AM
Jack the Stri
5 1,683
in physics, i've been taught that centripetal acceleration is given by v^2/r, but when i try to derive it myself, i...
Dec20-09 05:35 AM
Doc Al
1 2,025
Im looking for a good website that explains topics in mechanics to high A level/first year University standard....
Oct13-09 05:15 PM
2 900
Considering a calculation of Boyles law at absolute zero - how would this unfold with figures ideally...? Many...
Jan16-09 05:39 PM
0 1,218
Hi Newbie here so please go easy on me..! To keep this within my ability to understand can we please live in the...
Jan6-08 09:45 AM
6 2,012
This is just a simple conceptual question. When we try to calculate a nuclear binding energy of some nucleus, we...
Jun10-12 05:25 PM
Bob S
5 1,057
This is just a random question and I know you guys will have the answer:) I had read somewhere in the past that the...
Feb25-07 06:30 PM
2 1,580
Does anyone have a chart of what a straight pipe flows in cfm? Like 3 inch inside diam.? 4 inch? Etc? Thanks:)
Jul5-07 05:56 PM
2 7,208
I have read that hot gases flow better than cold gases. Why is this so? Less dense? Any good readings on it. I...
Mar22-08 03:17 AM
6 5,625
Would it be correct to call Voltage and Temperature intensive measures of Energy, and call Electric Field and Pressure...
Aug20-13 11:19 AM
4 1,355
Can someone conceptually explain to me how Temperature and Entropy are conjugate variables? I would imagine that...
Aug21-13 01:25 AM
4 633
Hello, So I have a question about electric power lines. Today I was under some large power lines and I noticed...
Oct15-11 11:22 PM
3 1,448
The question is: What is the minimum radius of curvature of a jet, pulling out of a vertical dive at a speed of...
Feb26-13 02:34 PM
Doc Al
1 474
While playing around with some laser diodes I have at home ~(405, 550, 650 nm) I have noticed that the refracted...
Apr21-14 11:44 AM
10 9,252
Hello everyone! I was reading the following review: ...
Jun15-14 08:47 PM
6 536
I have a question about an object heating up when electricity is applied. When putting electricity (say 10 to 15 A)...
Apr29-14 01:50 PM
11 532
Can someone explain the Hall Effect? If electrons are moving inside a magnetic field that is perpendicular to the...
Dec14-09 06:46 AM
3 3,512
Hello! I want to know something about how is equation for rolling friction derived. Equation is listed below.
Jan10-11 08:25 AM
0 756
Hello i tried to calculate Bernulli's equation myself and i get negative pressures on both sides of equation. What am...
Jan10-11 04:43 AM
3 1,252
Hi all. I hope to have a better understanding of the consequence of introducing high heat on water in a hot water...
Jan25-11 07:06 AM
1 1,829
I have a permanent magnetization \vec{M}=(ks)\hat{z}, k is just a const, s is the cylindrical coor. Then it turns out...
Nov13-12 02:02 PM
Jano L.
1 891
hey guys can anyone pls say how much current in amps does a ordinary car battery of 12v generates?? pls......
Oct18-11 09:50 AM
14 1,611
Lets say I have a beam with a cross section made of half aluminium and half steel glued together. I would like to know...
Apr24-11 05:00 AM
7 2,197
Hi everybody, I'm reviewing for the MCAT (it's been a while), and I'm having a lot of trouble understanding potential...
Apr30-13 03:40 AM
3 474
hi to everyone! i want to ask that, why it is easier to swing a linear flat stick rather than any other heavy stick...
Mar9-09 01:10 AM
1 576
Hello everybody, I've often read that if a light ray travels from a medium 1 to a medium 2 and the two media have the...
Aug26-11 09:09 AM
Claude Bile
2 1,844
Hello everybody, I have some questions: I'm talking only about travelling waves, not standing waves. If a linear...
Sep10-11 12:43 PM
Ken G
3 1,718
Hello everybody, i previously posted a topic about an exercise on luminance that was (appropriately, I admit) moved...
Sep15-11 12:42 AM
Ken G
3 1,732
hi everyone........ i was recently thinking about a generator that would work as per the principle of...
Apr23-11 03:34 AM
A Dhingra
25 4,772
Hi there. I was just wondering how does a force actually casue motion of body .. and what are the factors that...
Apr27-12 12:23 PM
A Dhingra
12 2,233
hello everyone! can you please explain on factors the value of spring constant depends? And please provide me with...
May2-12 01:53 AM
A Dhingra
6 897
hi ... These days i am trying to make sense of the various processes of thermodynamics and so far i have tried the...
Aug30-12 09:03 AM
3 878
hello.. One of my friend asked me this question, and i had no answer to it. moreover the professors response to it...
Sep16-12 08:30 AM
A Dhingra
10 1,413
Hello.. The query is regarding thermal conduction of heat from a solid body: Suppose we have a long metallic rod...
Oct11-12 06:51 AM
6 926
hello This is a section from Callen, Herbert B - Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics "Any...
Nov19-12 08:41 AM
26 2,312
Hi. I just wanted to know is there any limit to the amount of heat energy that a body can store in itself? For...
Nov4-12 04:43 AM
AJ Bentley
6 833

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