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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 41,022
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 40,679
I wanted to understand something about Inertial frames especially as they are talked about in SR. It appears that...
Dec4-11 08:27 AM
6 1,158
Would it be the rotational speed increasing or the speed at which the Earth revolves around the Sun? I take it in...
Dec3-11 02:27 PM
7 1,766
Hi Everyone. I have just created an animated video on Special and General Relativity, explaining how all the...
Dec3-11 02:12 PM
15 2,714
The poincare' group is the group of isometries of Minkowski spacetime, in a nutshell. In terms of an actual physical...
Dec2-11 10:49 PM
5 1,800
I'm still struggling with spacetime curvature. I want to know about the spacetime intervals in the following scenario:...
Dec2-11 06:42 PM
2 1,735
I have a question about measuring the speed of light. As I understand it is done by sending photons from A at time t1...
Dec2-11 02:11 PM
9 1,490
The 4-velocity of a photon is undefined, so does that mean the velocity of a photon is undefined? What is the...
Dec2-11 01:51 PM
80 5,884
Assume we are on a non rotating planet and shoot a rocket straight with a given velocity (smaller than the escape...
Dec2-11 11:03 AM
4 1,792
If I bend a paper, it doesn't change the things written on it. If gravity is bent space(time), we shouldn't be able...
Dec2-11 04:47 AM
19 2,700
How much experimental evidence is there that the speed of light stays c between a source and target moving wrt to...
Dec2-11 02:58 AM
3 1,334
Hello PF community! I'm having trouble with what strikes me as an inconsistency within conservation of energy,...
Dec1-11 11:28 PM
4 1,691
SRT = the theory of special relativity I can't find for myself what is wrong with this ? A...
Dec1-11 11:25 PM
45 6,280
I got confused.. XD "Under Einstein's theory of relativity, an object accelerated close to the speed of light gains...
Dec1-11 11:23 PM
4 1,330
Hi! Need some help here. Are the effects of general relativity reciprocal in two reference frames? Let's say for...
Dec1-11 09:48 PM
3 1,317
Greetings, I have been trying to teach myself SR and GR and have been going the Bernard Schutz's First Course in...
Dec1-11 07:58 PM
HJ Farnsworth
7 2,132
First of all, a hearty hello to everyone! New poster on this board, though I've been reading this forum quite a bit...
Dec1-11 07:39 AM
2 1,222
hi there............ We say that the speed of light is constant when seen from any frame of refrence because the...
Dec1-11 06:23 AM
A Dhingra
11 1,786
Suppose I construct a metal triangle in flat space the sum of the interior angles will be 180. If I then move the...
Dec1-11 01:23 AM
2 1,454
A stationary observer sees a moving train going at .6c. Does the moving train see the stationary observer going .6c...
Dec1-11 12:31 AM
3 1,344
The faster you travel the slower time travels. But instead could we be thinking in terms of it taking longer for...
Nov30-11 02:05 PM
2 1,548
While gravitational redshift refers to what is seen, gravitational time dilation refers to what is deduced to be...
Nov30-11 12:15 PM
3 1,883
I read that an objects mass increases as it approaches the speed of light and that this was the reason why anything...
Nov30-11 11:56 AM
8 2,348
So imagine that time is very slow, like 1 meter per second. Yes I know this is impossible, but I'm tired of space...
Nov30-11 08:33 AM
21 2,607
Hi everybody! what happens if an electron passes by with a speed of, say, 99.999999999...% of the speed of light...
Nov30-11 07:37 AM
59 6,687
I'm familiar with space and time together being 4 dimensions and that mass causes a curvature in this spacetime. ...
Nov30-11 04:33 AM
15 2,345
Block Time in relativity where past, present and future exist all the time seems to be in conflict with quantum...
Nov30-11 04:00 AM
109 9,272
I have been reading Einsteins Relativity and a simple concept in special relativity is tripping me up. I have heard...
Nov29-11 10:13 PM
3 1,165
Are there any exact solutions known for a black hole in a universe which is NOT asymptotically flat?
Nov29-11 09:17 PM
2 1,037
Assuming a spacecraft had a propulsion system and sufficient fuel, what stops it from reaching the speed of light and...
Nov29-11 11:50 AM
3 1,292
If a spacecraft were travelling at the speed of light (OK, forget the difficulties for now) relative to an observer on...
Nov29-11 09:10 AM
17 2,993
In working with these vierbein fields I've come across these terms such as e^{aμ}e^{μ}_{a} where the e's are vierbein...
Nov29-11 02:13 AM
7 1,885
Hello. This is probably a stupid question, but I'm very confused, so any help would be much appreciated! If...
Nov28-11 02:21 PM
12 1,468
hi............ In the twin paradox, we consider that one of the twins went out of the surface of earth...
Nov28-11 12:24 PM
12 1,630
Does the lambda symbol \Lambda_{\nu}^{\mu} refer specifically to the Lorentz transformation matrix or to any...
Nov28-11 06:08 AM
1 2,353
The depiction of time dilation that is typically used to describe the situation, shows the stationary photon clock,...
Nov28-11 02:41 AM
26 2,985
Hi, and thanks for making such a great forum! My question is as the title proposes. Would Einstein's Theory of...
Nov27-11 06:19 PM
6 1,306
how is relativity theory applied to gps? thanks
Nov27-11 05:17 PM
8 2,461
ok, if when we look at a planet that is say 100000 light years away, and we can see it emitting light, and that light...
Nov27-11 04:28 PM
14 1,667
I know I spelled dilated obscenely wrong in the title. I'm sorry! == Is the connection that in both time...
Nov27-11 04:22 PM
4 1,081
If one wants to calculate the elapsed time from the perspective of an object A moving at velocity, v, for time, t,...
Nov27-11 01:53 PM
10 1,801

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