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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,480
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,138
Are these really just two ways of explaining the same thing?
Dec27-11 02:25 PM
7 1,608
I thought it would be interesting to show how light moves in a Coke bottle: -fSqFWcb4rE&hd Is the speed of light...
Dec27-11 01:20 PM
Doc Al
2 1,026
Consider a rod of length 1 m and I are in frame S. Now i move at a velocity considerable to velocity of light wrt S. I...
Dec27-11 10:21 AM
10 1,624
Why does the stationary observer see the spaceship light clock traverse a longer distance? How can you prove this?...
Dec26-11 07:38 PM
4 1,065
If FTL was true, shouldn't SETI start searching patterns also in neutrino bursts, and not scan as they do now, only...
Dec26-11 12:22 PM
2 1,163
i need someone to explain me the aberration of light , i tried to read i from my book its a bit more complicated than...
Dec26-11 08:09 AM
8 1,700
Hello there! Sorry for the dumb question, but for years I have been very curious and confused about this: I just...
Dec26-11 07:34 AM
20 2,650
This is a thought experiment but not very academic. Assume a satellite solar panel was critically designed in such...
Dec25-11 10:53 PM
4 1,164
Hello, has anyone attempted to write a program to generate an embedding diagram from a given metric or know how to do...
Dec25-11 03:53 PM
0 822
Inside a blackhole singularily, the center is pulling spacetime to it, but because the spacetime fabric inside and...
Dec24-11 10:39 PM
15 2,271
This is a question about something in Sean Carrol's Spacetime and Geometry text. I'll quote here: " ... current...
Dec24-11 08:17 PM
1 986
I read in a book that since the area of a black hole increases, the entropy increases, so black holes are consistent...
Dec24-11 06:47 PM
4 1,218
Maybe an old topic. But if you reflect a light wave, and if the light wave is not coming back in exact the same...
Dec24-11 12:53 PM
15 2,130
My friend tried to tell me that the effects of gravity are instantaneous and I assured him that he was wrong because...
Dec24-11 11:37 AM
20 3,362
What does mean Kaluza-Klein particle? How can I imagine this? Can Kaluza-Klein particle create Klauza-Klein Field?
Dec24-11 06:20 AM
1 1,430
Awhile back A.T. & PeterDonis helped me through several basic confusions on my way to an intuitive understanding of...
Dec23-11 12:35 PM
6 1,538
My physics background is sparse--I only know classical mechanics and E&M, and I have a self-taught (and therefore...
Dec23-11 11:54 AM
2 1,621
Hi, I am currently struggling with an exercise in Sean Caroll's Spacetime and geometry. The question is "Can we make...
Dec23-11 09:54 AM
0 982
Does a photon "know" how fast to leave its emitter, which is moving relative to the photon's receiver, so as to be...
Dec22-11 08:24 PM
46 4,266
In SR. Anything FTL or superluminal can affect causality because there would be some frame where things move backward...
Dec22-11 04:30 PM
380 28,277
What exactly comprises a relative velocity in special relativity? I find it confusing when distant galaxies can be...
Dec22-11 04:28 PM
13 1,896
Consider i m moving at a velocity considerable to the speed of light. Above me there is a mirror stretching to...
Dec22-11 04:04 PM
9 1,470
Isham wrote: When we come to a Diff(M)-invariant theory...
Dec22-11 10:51 AM
10 2,087
Let's say there are two synchronized clocks on Earth. One leaves the Earth going at .8c and travels in uniform...
Dec22-11 05:38 AM
26 3,183
The Schwarzschild solution to the EFE has the (possibly not physical) 'two sided' view (aka wormhole). Anyone know...
Dec21-11 09:13 PM
6 2,427
I'm trying to understand the Schwarzschild solution concept of proper distance. Given the proper distance equation ...
Dec21-11 05:33 PM
4 1,676
Can anyone explain in words (or equations if you can't use words, or in words to describe the equations) how...
Dec21-11 12:24 PM
2 4,148
If mass really increases with speed then if 2 rockets leave earth, travelling parallel and close together, at close to...
Dec21-11 11:48 AM
103 12,028
It is proved in this topic (last answer):
Dec21-11 11:47 AM
60 6,328
Okay... SO... According to the implications of Alcubierre's peer-reviewed, published theory... According to his...
Dec21-11 07:06 AM
1 1,108
Are there any experimantal evidences which imply that antimatter interacts gravitationally in exactly the same way as...
Dec21-11 04:21 AM
41 4,582
Assuming it were possible, how would you go about it? Lightspeed spaceship? Wormhole? Superman gravitational reversal?
Dec20-11 05:38 PM
3 1,494
What I mean is are there things traveling so fast in outer space that we don't exist in their FoR? Or we haven't...
Dec20-11 05:19 AM
15 1,902
Theres something I don't understand. Assume we have two light particles that approach each other. (obviously with...
Dec20-11 03:25 AM
7 1,420
Okay, here's a different idea for "propellant-less" propulsion: ...
Dec19-11 10:49 AM
19 9,306
in many research of kaluza klein theory to unified electromagnetic & gravity fields these research begin with 5D...
Dec19-11 10:08 AM
1 925
I have been doing some research on gravity, and I am having a very hard time with the following example I found in a...
Dec19-11 09:14 AM
14 1,564
I'm still having trouble with the basic foundations of relativity so I am taking a look here at the Galilean...
Dec19-11 02:02 AM
11 4,370
Consider an absolute point somewhere in one of the universes and consider our light signal with constant speed C which...
Dec18-11 10:13 PM
11 2,440
It is well-known that associated with the Kerr solution which represents a rotating black hole, there can be a region...
Dec18-11 07:27 AM
6 1,596

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