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Special & General Relativity

- Dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects. Exp. & theo. theories of relativity
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Common Relativity questions, quality answers
Jul24-14 09:06 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:40 AM
1 42,769
The section of the Usenet Physics FAQ titled "Experimental Basis of Special Relativity" has been cited here many...
Dec31-07 02:06 AM
0 42,409
Hi all, this is not a HW problem but one I made up myself, (so you won't find it in any txtbooks or solutions etc.)....
Jan10-12 03:41 PM
4 1,046
Has anyone worked all the way through D'Inverno Chapter 19 Problem 19.5? I've had a good thrash at it - it is quite...
Jan10-12 05:48 AM
2 1,226
Hi, Just a quick question I can't get my head around.... Say I have a big planet sitting in intergalactic space and I...
Jan10-12 03:15 AM
23 3,024
If two objects move away from each other both at the speed of light, after 1 second will they be approximately 372,000...
Jan10-12 12:32 AM
6 1,123
Hi, I've begun learning about General Relativity, though I've already had some exposure to differential geometry. ...
Jan9-12 09:44 PM
4 1,692
Einstein is riding the beam of light away from the clock tower so the hands of the clock don't move. Suppose the...
Jan9-12 05:41 AM
5 1,508
Hello i studied Sadri Hassani az mathematical physics book. if i want to learn topology (( for general relativity ))...
Jan8-12 03:19 PM
George Jones
4 1,641
I've been trying to find out what the definition of negative pressure in the context of General Relativity. There are...
Jan8-12 10:44 AM
20 2,810
Hello, I thought of asking would someone know what is the correct thinking here... A body is thrown upwards, its...
Jan8-12 08:42 AM
46 5,215
The stress-energy tensor is associated to a volume density and flux in 4-spacetime and the Einstein tensor seems to...
Jan7-12 02:39 PM
8 1,279
Hi, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to physics so I just have to ask. Me and my friends are kind of in a pickle, so...
Jan6-12 03:14 PM
13 1,920
I like astrophysics,so i read books relating to it.I am also determined to make my career in the same.At present i am...
Jan6-12 09:06 AM
1 1,193
I had this doubt studing GR, but lets consider SR for semplicity, where g_{\mu\nu}=\eta_{\mu\nu}the geodesics are...
Jan6-12 07:45 AM
5 1,306
There is a thought experiment pertaining to general relativity that involves a signal traveling from the front to the...
Jan6-12 05:56 AM
3 1,304
Gravitational waves are generated when the mass quadrupole moment changes in time. We also know motion of mass...
Jan6-12 04:02 AM
12 1,944
E=MC^2 Here, say we want to find the energy of a single photon. that means, mass of photon x speed of light...
Jan6-12 12:33 AM
9 1,659
By SR, relativistic energy and mass are proportional to the Lorentz factor γ, therefore, grow to infinity for...
Jan5-12 10:57 PM
10 1,666
I've posted on this forum before and carefully read the answers, but I'm still confused... Also, I'm familiar with the...
Jan5-12 09:54 PM
13 1,974
Thank you in advance for reading this and hopefully answering my questions. I've spent about two hours or so now...
Jan5-12 06:47 PM
4 1,654
It's fairly easily to visualize space bending as a result of the mass of an object, and that the bending of space is...
Jan5-12 07:52 AM
19 2,543
How would you go about teaching relativity to someone who refuses to take anything on faith or argument from...
Jan5-12 07:38 AM
37 3,577
I just got my first official introduction to relativity in my textbook (I'm equivalent to a high school senior...
Jan5-12 04:43 AM
35 3,460
Does anybody kow about a good summary (online) of the singularity theorems?
Jan5-12 01:20 AM
2 1,189
Let's say we have two clocks that are synchronous here on Earth. One of the clocks is instantly transported to...
Jan5-12 01:06 AM
26 4,104
Hello what is the meaning of covaraint derivative ? where the ordinary derivative of a function whit respect to a...
Jan4-12 04:40 PM
3 861
Hello everyone Can some one please provide (a link to) the most rigorous proof of E_0 = mc^2? Actually, I got stuck...
Jan4-12 02:50 PM
2 895
Increase in weight if an object is illuminated Are there experiments which show that the weight of a body, with...
Jan3-12 10:40 PM
3 1,094
Hey, I'm just curious, MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics) seems to have a character of field renormalization...
Jan3-12 03:32 PM
6 1,064
Is it possible for a particle to exist according to one reference frame and simultaneously not exist according to...
Jan3-12 03:01 PM
7 1,580
does there exist an angular speed limit, just like we have 'c' in relativistic mechanics? If Yes, How? If No, Why?
Jan3-12 02:48 PM
3 1,266
how are scientists able to distinguish between photons? Photons are smallest quanta of EM (electromagnetic)...
Jan3-12 03:20 AM
2 790
When 2 objects A,B are moving wrt to each other (lets say @0.86c)then from frame A if local time is 10 years then time...
Jan3-12 02:18 AM
5 1,648
Hi all, I'm reading Sean Carroll's Space Time and Geometry and haven't figure out how equation 4.64 is derived,...
Jan2-12 03:46 PM
2 1,860
Hey everyone, I am reading a Schaum's Outline on Tensor Calculus and came to something I can't seem to understand. ...
Jan2-12 09:00 AM
19 4,149
I got the general form of a Lorentz transformation in a GR book, {\textbf{x'}} = {\textbf{x}} +...
Jan2-12 08:14 AM
4 2,269
Quick question about the EFE's. When writing the einstein tensor G_{\mu\nu}=R_{\mu\nu}-\frac{1}{2}Rg_{\mu\nu}, and...
Jan1-12 06:24 PM
2 957
I know hyberbola in spacetime diagram is that curve-like line below the light cone much like the bottom of a bath tub....
Jan1-12 05:09 PM
6 1,170
I don't really know much about GR, but I was just wondering about this theoretical question. I am asking this,...
Jan1-12 05:06 PM
9 1,530
I am curious about time dilation of atomic clock positions on and in the Earth. If you had a long tube going through...
Jan1-12 02:55 PM
21 1,932
Micro black holes should in principle be observable by emitting Hawking radiation. However, as this takes place...
Jan1-12 08:02 AM
4 1,179

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