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Sep14-06, 03:46 AM
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If you use \ limits_{down}^{up} you can get the text 'down' and 'up' above and below the integral signs. Also works for summation symbols.

[tex]\iiint \limits_{x \geq 3, y \geq 4, z \geq 5, 2z - x \geq 5} f(x, y, z)\, dx\,dy\,dz[/tex]

But it still looks crappy.

I'd advice just writing
[tex]\iiint \limits_{R} f(x, y, z)\, dx\,dy\,dz[/tex]
[tex]R=\{(x,y,z)|x \geq 3, y \geq 4, z \geq 5, 2z - x \geq 5\}[/tex]