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Nov19-06, 01:55 AM
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Quote Quote by 0rthodontist
If you are physically restrained and moved somewhere, you are not coerced into making any decisions you did not want to make. Your free will is in that respect preserved. It's true that the choices you can physically make are then restricted, but from those very limited choices you may do whatever you like.
If you decided you were going to stay in the library, regardless of the rule you knew you were breaking, then that was the conclusion of your free decision making process. If you were then ejected from the library, by any means whatsoever, your free will was violated. You were forced by someone else to do something other than that which you wanted to do.

It's actually that someone has forced your decision for you; through pain, they have forced you to act in the way they would like.
Do you not realize I could make the exact same argument in the opposite way?

If you really wanted to stay in the library, you could overcome the stun gun's pain and stay, regardless of how badly it hurts. You still have the free will to respond (or not) to the pain. No one's actually making you leave the building, so your free will remains intact.

However, if you are physically tied up and dragged out of the building, then there's no way at all for you to do what you want to do. You were forced by someone else to leave the building, even though that wasn't your decision. Your free will has been stolen from you.

Besides, kiddo.. really... do you think people who break laws deserve have their free will so respected? I'm sure plenty of murderers would really prefer to not be in prison. Should their right to free will be taken into consideration?

You are really, really struggling here. Just give it up.

- Warren