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Dark Knight
May18-07, 03:40 AM
P: 32
Im studying engineering right now...I chose the electrical major for my love of physics...

I can't deny I actually wanted to study physics, but was too afraid from the career issue, so I had to choose something which combines between the love of my life (physics) and an interesting career..

After thinking, I really love engineering, it's very interesting by means of subjects and research topics...And sometimes, I feel like engineers are much smarter than physists really, we do use what they get for usefull purposes..

I do love engineering, although it's very tough, and requires high mathimatical skills...

So if you :
1- Have good mathimatical skills
2- Have passion for knowing more
3- Believe there is nothing you can't do
4- Believe you own this planet, and you use it for what you want to do

Then you are just close to be a very successfull engineer...just go for it dude!!