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Ivan Seeking
Jan25-08, 02:55 PM
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I must say, this new technology is very exciting!

...But among the various challenges to developing the technology, manufacturing cost has been a potential deal breaker. Now, researchers at GE have demonstrated a manufacturing method that assembles layers of ceramic and electrolyte materials cheaply so that the final product can be built for about $800 a kilowatt, which starts to approach the $500-to-$550-per-kilowatt cost of building a conventional gas-fired power plant.

GE's six-kilowatt prototype achieves 49 percent efficiency in converting fuel into electricity, which compares favorably with the 35 percent efficiency of conventional coal-burning power plants. [continued]

That is a vast improvement!!!

I'm working on the hydrogen from algae problem as fast as I can! It may help that the folks at MIT are as well.