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Jul6-11, 12:48 PM
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it's amazing really
Unless the video is parody, it's excruciatingly boring. It doesn't rise to the level of 'hoax.'

How many videos could people make of sticking electrodes into cabbages, their ears, empty air, pee; or upload even CGI animations, or even cartoons ('hey, how come when the mice blow up the cat, the cat is still alive in the next scene?!?, weird huh?, any explanations?) and ask people to explain the 'trick' before absolutely everyone would get tired of it?

For me, a good hoax consists of including the amazing Randi and 3-4 scientists in the scene, and have them scratching their heads.

What I see in that video isn't worth the time clicking on the link. I feel I've been cheated out of a minute of my time.