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Oct28-11, 11:20 AM
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Hi, I'm in my Junior year and I'm starting to think very seriously about what I want to do once I graduate, especially about whether I want to go to grad school or not.

I've had a bit of experience doing research (spent two summers doing academic research) and I don't really think it's my thing - I really think I'd rather go into industry. I'm really enjoying learning about QM, and I think it'd be interesting to have a career where I can apply it, so it seems like nanotechnology might be a good route to go.

I guess I'm wondering, besides taking a course in Solid State physics (which I plan to next fall) and the required courses in quantum mechanics (Modern Physics, Quantum Physics, Intro to Quantum Mechanics) are there any other ways to prepare myself if that's the career I decide to go with? Also, should I be looking at getting a PhD and then going into Industry, or does industry typically hire Undergrads who've finished their B.S. and then train them to do a certain job?

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