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Dec1-11, 06:18 AM
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The scary thing is on less serious subjects that Siri responds to. I recently spoke to two young (20's) users of Siri for about 8 weeks. Since Siri is so human like in many ways, they start asking about dating advice, etc... and basically any question a young adult might ask a close friend. You can see where this is going, right ? They have taken to Siri like a fish to water.

Let's hope that the Apple folks have given Siri a "good pedigree" because the potential for her suggestions to be taken to the extreme or out of context is huge. We all know about not walking in near traffic and texting, and not driving and texting. I would be willing to bet that in the not too distant future, someone will "sue" Siri (Apple) because of suggestions made by her with less than the desired outcome for God only knows what reason. How some people readily accept this is amazing and frightening to watch unfold. "I trusted Siri ! Now, look what happened because of her." will be hitting the news in the near future.