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Mar15-12, 01:16 AM
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Great description.

You understand what I am telling. But I don't know why this is going on.

All the points in the space has clocks and all the clocks is synchronized. Any two events happens simultaneously you perceive it as simultaneous, but I am not. But latter we find the actual time at when the events happened and we both agree on the time component and space components of the events. So, we both identify the events as simultaneous events. We both agree that time component is same for the both events. If we are wanted by some third one to transform the two events into his frame which is moving relative to us. We both uses the time components with which we both agreed, not that we perceived.

Now, take any two points in space and assume it as end points of rod. I measures the end points at different different time, but that is not the mean that time component of the both is not same. The clocks at the both point is still synchronized and showing the same reading. And the same as above I have to use the time component to transform which I have determined, not that I have perceived.