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May20-06, 06:12 PM
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I did fairly well past semester. I was taking:

Leadership and Modernization
Structural Analysis II
General Hydraulics
Engineering Materials

Leadership was some kind of humanity course. It was fairly boring. We talked about the qualities a leader posseses, types of leaders in society and etc... Anyway, i liked the last project. The civil engineers united under one group and invested money and time on fixing up a local elementary school, which was pretty busted. I got an A.

Structural Analysis II and General Hydraulics were both really interesting. I learned quite a bit. Got an A on both.

For me Hydrology was tedious, especially the project. I spent a whole deal of time and money working on an hydrological study of a river's watershed (drainage basin). I had to find the geomorphological parameters of the watershed, plus apply some other methods i learned in class. It took me A LOT of time. You wouldn't believe... Anyway i got a good grade.

Engineering Materials was the best class of the semester. I ended up making hydraulic concrete!!. I calculated the correct amount of Portland cement, aggregates (sand and chad ["Grava" in spanish]) and water throught the ACI method. The result was an hydraulic concrete with a strength of 180 kg/m^2. All of this was done on the lab, of course. It was the last practice. Got an A too. Btw, when we broke the testtube, it had the correct strength

Well right now, i am taking:

Highway Design I -> So far it looks tedious , huge project.

Structural Design I -> Looks moderate, too much to read. It's basicly reinforced concrete design, i got other design courses for steel and wood.

Aqueducts and Sewers -> I got my basis covered, i'll be ok.

Soil Mechanics -> I like learning about it, but the teacher is crazy. All i know about soils came from my Geology I class.

Constructive Methods in Engineering -> Haven't taken the first class, and it's the 2nd week already. The dean of the school is teaching it.