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beta emmision

by simran
Tags: beta, emmision
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Dec18-03, 07:05 AM
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during a beta emmision in which a neutron brakes up into a proton and an electron the electron escapes as a beta partice but the proton doesn,t escape and remains with the nucleus why so!!!!!!![?] [?]

Now this occurs because during this process the time taken is roughly 100 times the time taken for a meson to exchange between 2 hardons so according to probabilaty there are great chances that some other nucleon from the nucleus will excange a meson with this newly created proton so this proton will come under the influence of nuclear binding force and thus won't escape but there is no such case with the elctron creatd so it will tunnel and escape.
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Dec18-03, 06:47 PM
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You're missing one of the players in beta emission: the antineutrino. This baby carries off the extra momentum so the proton doesn't have to.

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