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More batch files

by sean123
Tags: batch, files
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Feb15-04, 07:43 AM
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hi ladies and gents! this is my first post so excuse any stupidity on my part!!

Basically I'm trying to create batch files but i have no programming experience in DOS. Fortunately I am only trying to achieve a simple goal.

I effectively want to automize a kind of 'drag and drop' procedure: I want a program that takes a file from one directory and 'applies' it to an Exec program in another directory.

I can't just associate the file extension with a program, because i want files from different directories to be associated with different exec programs- even though the file extensions remain the same.

ie. All files in any given directory are to be associated with a particular program, but all files in another directory are to be applied with another program.

I probably need to expand on the info I've given so far, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!
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