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Any good sources for starter motors (without gearbox/solinoid)?

by LimitedSlip7
Tags: gearbox or solinoid, motors, sources, starter
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Jan13-09, 07:29 PM
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I'm trying to find a DC motor in the 3-3.5kW 12-24V range (Preferably 24V) for a project that will utilize the motor at maximum power for occasional short bursts of maybe 2-3 seconds in duration at most. The motor needs to be fairly small, lightweight, and CHEAP ($100 or less). Starter motors exactly fit what I am looking for, but are still kind of pricey ($100-200). Does anyone know of a good source that sells starter motors or an equivalent without the gearbox/solenoid/etc in the price range I am looking? The RPM range is not very important, but the higher RPM the better. Also, brush/magnet types are not important either.

If not, what about a common vehicle that uses a starter with those specs that I could source used starters from?

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Jan14-09, 12:14 PM
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Truck scrapyard.

In any event, expecting a motor which can offer the torque and reliability of a starter motor for under $100 is pretty unreasonably.

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