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Core Mining

by sid_galt
Tags: core, mining
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Jan22-05, 02:47 AM
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If someday we discover how to mine metals from the core, will it have any effect on the magnetic field or the climate of the Earth due to reduction of heat in the core as the metal mined will be hot and will slowly drain the heat of the core.
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Jan23-05, 03:42 AM
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Interesting thought but the heat loss of the Earth is tremendous, a number with 12 figures. So a hypothetical mining on a humanly thinkable scale would be very small, compared to that.

What would happen if the heat loss would increase? This would lead to an increased rate of solidifying of the solid inner core. When this core grows, the angular momentum (or turning momentum) would increase with the fifth power of the radius and this would have all kinds of strange effects on its turning compared to rest of the Earth.

Magnetism could decrease as the convection cells decrease in size, but the magnetism is depending on a lot more factors.
May18-10, 05:04 PM
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and if we discover a way to get energie in a huge scale from the core?

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