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Theoretical physics route (cambridge math3?)

by perniciousnc
Tags: cambridge, oxford, phd, theoretical physics
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Apr27-11, 01:14 PM
P: 2
dear all,

I'm a second yr Math/Physics student in an alright UK university. Not oxbridge though.
I am interested in pursuing theoretical physics (knowing it's competitive subject, and mathematically challenging)

I have got high first in the first yr (hopefully well among top 5% of class), n hopefully will do the same this year.

I have been looking for possible routes to a theoretical phd nx yr

1) Masters: Cambridge Math Part III, Imperial -Quantum Field and Fundamental Force
2) US Phd?
3) Oxford Dphil? seems to me impossible to get into without oxbridge first in uk

My questions:
1) I heard Cambridge Math 3 is not hard to get in, if you get decent grades?? I have confidence in my potential, but not really my knowledge given my university is not oxbridge, and I have not pushed myself the hardest to get good grades. and I have devoted some other of my time not in math/phys

I actually read from this forum, ppl saying tat if you dont ace it hard you dont get to do theoretical physics in there. IFF i got in and didn't ace it, how hard is it to still do theoretical physics in other Us? Since students probably would be applying to oxford dphil before the results come out (altho it might still require the distinction)? Thanks for telling

2) I am an international student. I don't think my english is gd enough to ace the GRE general test, especially after these yrs wen i barely write anything lol. But I think I can handle the subject test well. Could anyone tell me how hard it would be to get into major US universities phd?

3) What other routes / choices do i still have? in UK, other good masters and dphil routes?
How good is Imperial's quantum field master course?

Thanks a lot for answering my questions!
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Apr28-11, 03:58 AM
P: 2
anyone has experience in cambridge math 3 tripo?? or imperial quantum field master??
it would help a lot if someone could give me some advice :0
Apr28-11, 09:54 AM
P: 830
Check out the Cambridge and Maths sub-forum of - certain people on there have first hand experience with Part III.

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