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A synthesis

by mitchell porter
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mitchell porter
May3-11, 05:07 AM
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The ABJM model is a super-Chern-Simons theory in 2+1 dimensions which is dual to M-theory on AdS4 x S7/Z_k. Other ABJM-like theories are being explored which are dual to M-theory on other AdS4 x X7 backgrounds.

One difficulty of dS/CFT is that you can't match up supersymmetries as you do in AdS/CFT. But Tom Banks proposes to use this to our advantage: "cosmological supersymmetry breaking", in which SUSY is broken by cosmological boundary conditions.

So perhaps we are living in an M-theory universe with an ABJM-like theory on its boundary, but the topology of space is dS4 x X7 and that is why SUSY is broken.

And maybe SUSY is broken a la Rivero: hiding in plain sight. The ABJM-like boundary fields might be regarded as the preons of the model.

AdS/CFT is usually studied in the large-N limit. I hear that for small N - which is the real-world case - the compact dimensions may become noncommutative.

So perhaps our world is described at low energies by the noncommutative standard model of Connes et al. In that model, the particle masses and mixing matrices help to parametrize the Dirac operator which defines the theory.

The final, most speculative, and vaguest idea is that something from the perspective of Sheppeard and Brannen is relevant here. Perhaps all I mean is that we want a version of the noncommutative standard model in which the Koide relation is true at low energies. I've already start looking at RG flow in the model, with the aim of obtaining a 115-GeV Higgs.

Just to close the conceptual circle, remember that this is ultimately meant to be obtained from a 4-dimensional de-Sitter M-theory background where the 7 small dimensions are noncommutative, and which is holographically dual to an ABJM-like theory with a gauge group of low rank.
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