Flame Treatment Machine, need help....

by 68rs327
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Jun8-11, 02:19 PM
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I work for a automotive supplier company. I am needing to fabricate a Flame Treatment Machine to Flame Treat the Parts before applying a adhesive shim. The Flame Treatment Improves the Dynes of the parts for better adhersion of the shim. I am fabricating a Mesh
Conveyor System. I am thinking of using a Burner like those found on Ventless Gas Fireplaces to use as the flame source. My only concerns are that the flame needs to flow Down onto the parts and I was concerned the flame will flow UP from the Burner.
The parts would be placed on the wire mesh conveyor and would pass under the flame as the conveyor moves forward to achieve Flame Treatment. It only takes a few seconds under the flame to get the desired dynes. I need ideas on the Flame Burner and What would be Best to Use to have the flame blowing Down.
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Jun8-11, 05:30 PM
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You should consult a burner manufacturer, like Bloom before you end up burning down your house and yourself.



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