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Looking for a solid math book

by inception7
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Jul6-11, 07:15 PM
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Hello guys,

I will soon be stepping into the IB1 program and before I start school in late august, I wish to properly* review my maths (including but not limited to algebra, geometry, functions, graphs, etc).

* I really need to strengthen my mathematical foundation. I'm looking forward to be well acquainted with the topics, learn it inside out. I'm not expecting to merely skim through the subjects and apply the rules/formulas. I would ideally like to be also acquainted with simple but logical proofs in conjunction to what I will read or learn.

Now with this in consideration, which books would you recommend? Note: it should at least contain review material from grades 7-12!

1. International Baccalaureate, in my case I will be taking the course at the Higher Level.

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Jul7-11, 08:42 PM
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Anyone? :)
Jul7-11, 10:37 PM
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From my own experience, I think it's best to learn from a variety of sources if you don't want to simply memorize the formula. I haven't found a book that covers all bases in great detail (like you said, where this and that comes from, why this operation isn't allowed etc.) but I seem to be getting by alright by learning from the Khan Academy and patrickJMT videos and doing exercises from high school textbooks (which have extremely vague explanations).

If there's something that just won't click, you can always ask the internet :p

Jul16-11, 11:35 PM
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Looking for a solid math book

I've never these, just giving you some ideas.

These two are highly rated on amazon:

Algebra - A self teaching guide
4.5/5 stars - 94 reviews
If you studied algebra years ago and now need a refresher course in order to use algebraic principles on the job, or if you're a student who needs an introduction to the subject, here's the perfect book for you. Practical Algebra is an easy and fun-to-use workout program that quickly puts you in command of all the basic concepts and tools of algebra. With the aid of practical, real-life examples and applications, you'll learn:
* The basic approach and application of algebra to problem solving
* The number system (in a much broader way than you have known it from arithmetic)
* Monomials and polynomials; factoring algebraic expressions; how to handle algebraic fractions; exponents, roots, and radicals; linear and fractional equations
* Functions and graphs; quadratic equations; inequalities; ratio, proportion, and variation; how to solve word problems, and more
Authors Peter Selby and Steve Slavin emphasize practical algebra throughout by providing you with techniques for solving problems in a wide range of disciplines--from engineering, biology, chemistry, and the physical sciences, to psychology and even sociology and business administration. Step by step, Practical Algebra shows you how to solve algebraic problems in each of these areas, then allows you to tackle similar problems on your own, at your own pace. Self-tests are provided at the end of each chapter so you can measure your mastery.
Geometry Revisited 5/5 stars - 9 reviews
Among the many beautiful and nontrivial theorems in geometry found in Geometry Revisited are the theorems of Ceva, Menelaus, Pappus, Desargues, Pascal, and Brianchon. A nice proof is given of Morley's remarkable theorem on angle trisectors. The transformational point of view is emphasized: reflections, rotations, translations, similarities, inversions, and affine and projective transformations. Many fascinating properties of circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and conics are developed.
I haven't read it (yet), but Euclid's Elements is THE euclidean geometry book (go figure).
Jul16-11, 11:51 PM
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I recommend this book. It covers everything you'll need to know before taking a calculus course.

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