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Nautilus-X - NASA's Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept

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Jul16-11, 05:26 AM
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Some may already be aware of this but I discovered it for the first time today-

Looks like they may be testing the centrifuge on the ISS some time in 2013.
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Jul18-11, 06:45 AM
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I'm very interested in Nautilus-X, looks like it could really usher a new era in manned space exploration. Unfortunately considering the track record of NASA's various plans for the future over recent years along with the budget issues I'm not holding my breath that this will become a reality. It would be great if it did but I can see it being suspended due to budget cuts and that 2030 goal for a Mars mission being pushed ever further into the future.
Bob S
Jul18-11, 09:38 PM
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What is the concept in supplying food for 6 astronauts for 24 months? Carrying about 5 metric tons of frozen food, or growing food under special GRO-lamps? What about oxygen regeneration and CO2 elimination from the Nautilus atmosphere?

Jul19-11, 03:25 AM
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Nautilus-X - NASA's Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle Concept

There's a summary of the project here and a powerpoint of it here (bottom file, Holderman 1-26-11).

I'm not sure how they plan on getting the food, I presume it's frozen because if they grow it they would still have to take all the nutrients, seeds, equipment etc. It would end up massing more that way. How they plan on scrubbing the air will be interesting, IIRC one of the early Russian space stations reached dangerous levels of methane in the atmosphere from all the...natural processes of the astronauts.

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