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Magnetic Fields interaction with other magnets

by barendfaber
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Oct4-11, 06:19 AM
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I am self taught, and am very interested in learning more about magnetic fields. I have found this site with some great examples of magnetic fields ( One of the examples (picture attached), shows a group of five magnets. One is placed a bit away, and then there is four magnets in a row spaced closely together.

My questions are:

1. By placing the four magnets together in a row, how will this arrangement effect the magnetic fields of each of the four magnets (especially the ones in the middle), or will there be no effect apart from the fact that the magnets will attract each other from either pole? Will this change over time?

2. What will happen if I add another row of magnets above and one below (all magnets will be the same size)? What will happen to the magnets that are on the inside? Please note the arrangement of the magnetic fields.

3. This question might be redundant based on the answer above, but what will happen if I place a row a five magnets (lets say size 100%), then next to it another row of five magnets but a bit smaller (lets say size 95%), and then add a final row of five magnets (lets say size 90%)? How will the bigger magnets effect the smaller magnets' fields, how will this effect the fields of the magnets in the centre, and the smallest magnets? Please note the arrangement of the magnetic fields.
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