"Qausi-static" displacement current (Purcell)

by shooba
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Jan4-12, 08:40 PM
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Hello all,
On page 329, chapter 9 of Purcell's E&M book, he describes why the "displacement current" produces nearly zero magnetic field for slowly varying fields. By taking the curl of the displacement current Jd, he shows that curlJd=-(1/4[itex]\pi[/itex]c)(∂2B/∂t2), so that for slowly varying fields, curlJd is nearly zero. From this, using a symmetry/superposition argument he concludes that there can be no magnetic field for such a current distribution. It is this last step that I do not understand; how does curlJd=0 imply B=0?
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Jan5-12, 07:31 PM
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Bump? Maybe this belongs in the classical physics section?

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